Teriyaki Bento To Go

~Review by Chuck Bradley

As might be inferred from the name, most of this restaurant’s business is “to go”. I was there for a late lunch (just before 2:00 PM) and watched as two other people came in and picked up to go orders. I’d say this speaks well for the place’s popularity. They encourage calling your order in to save yourself a wait. It’s a tiny establishment with only two tables and a few stools around a small bar. They have wasted little money on fancy décor, but it has a clean and simple feel about it.

Today I had their Udon Chicken ($6.25) which was a tangy broth loaded with thick Udon noodles, chicken thigh meat, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, onion and scallions. It was highly and deliciously seasoned. The counter person inquired as to my Scoville Heat Unit tolerance. He can tailor the heat to suit your preference. I told him medium to spicy which turned out to be perfect. It came in a large bowl and was accompanied by a dish of perfectly steamed white rice. It was quite delicious and filling.

They offer seven Teriyaki dishes, five Yakisoba noodle dishes, three Udon noodle dishes, three special dishes and nine separate sides. I can’t wait to come back and sample more!

Between customers, the two gentlemen (Father and son perhaps?) were watching extreme cage fighting on the television in the customer area. Perhaps, had I had the appearance of someone with more delicate sensibilities, they would have turned it off.

They boast non-use of monosodium glutamate and use vegetable oil. Their motto is “We care about your health.”

Their open hours are 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday. They accept Master Card, Visa and Cash.

Located at:

3720 Cherry AVE NE
Keizer, OR 97303



Les said...

Stopped by there, today, to get a couple lunches, to go... Ordered a Chicken Yakisoba and a Beef Yakisoba.. These were on the "Lunch Special" and only $5.75.. Both orders came with Steamed Rice and a small green salad on the side.. More than enough for the two (2) of us, for lunch.. Both meats and the noodles were very tasty.. Will definitly go back to try some of their other offerings..

Les said...

Stopped in for lunch, again...course, instead of trying something different, I had the Beef Yakisoba "lunch special", again.. Ordered it "medium" spicy...which ended up being a little too hot for me...but, still enjoyed it..and finished it..haha

Will be back to try some of the other offerings..

Anonymous said...

Is there a menu online for this place?

KandN said...

Hi Anon, Just spoke with a sweet woman on the phone. Once they fax their menu to me, I'll post it to the website.