Round Table Pizza - Keizer Station

~Review by Chuck Bradley

Today I drove north to Keizer Station specifically to try Round Table Pizza's well recommended $6.99 buffet. The restaurant has a clean and new quality to it. The second thing I noticed was the extremely awkward traffic pattern. When as busy as they were today (Black Friday weekend may not have been the ideal time to try this place), the folks exiting the buffet line had to wedge their way through the order line to access the seating area. This required some very cumbersome maneuvers. Also, an inordinate number of their tables were arranged to accommodate large groups. As a single diner, I was obliged to share several pushed-together tables with a family of seven.

Their buffet was about as fresh and appetizing as buffets get. They offered a half dozen, or so, pizza varieties. I had a slice each of: pepperoni, a combo named "King Arthur", and a delicious white cheese and herb. All were good, but could have been warmer. The salad bar had a large selection of vegetables, fruit, beans, pasta, condiments and dressings. (Conspicuously missing was French dressing. Odd, I thought.) I scrutinize salad bars closely. More often than not one, or more, of the items are less than very fresh. I saw no indication of that here.

With a plate balanced on each hand, silverware tucked under my arm and napkins clenched in my teeth, I adroitly faked to the right and then cut sharply to the left to get by another rotund Sexagenarian in the order line. (One must perfect moves such as this in order to survive in the dangerous world of restaurant dining!) I then found my way to my communal seating situation and enjoyed my meal.

I think the pizza here is potentially great. Heat lamps do not enhance the goodness of any pizza, even if its time under them is of short duration. I know if you had one made to order and delivered to your table fresh from the oven, you would enjoy a superior product.

I rate Round Table Pizza a B+. If you too are a pizza junkie, it's worth a look.

6055 Ulali Dr NE
Keizer, OR 97303
(503) 393-2150


Unknown said...

My experience with that buffet was quite the opposite, limp salad, few choices, they were even missing plates the time I went. I don't frequent round table because the prices do not match the quality.

Anonymous said...

Three of us, from work, had lunch there, last week. Pretty much as described in this review.. Salad fixin's seemed fresh and the pizza was good.. I have always struggled with their traffic pattern too.. Always seemed odd to have people with full plates weaving their way through those waiting in line to order..

Anonymous said...

i agree with the wierd traffic pattern, but the time i ate at the buffet it wasnt nearly so busy. i also agree that the pizza was pretty good and the salads were great! and a good price.