Rolling Bagels

~Review by Chuck Bradley

DeeDeeDiner, Thanks for the tip! It prompted my bride and me to try Rolling Bagels for lunch today. Here's what we thought:

They offer seven kinds of soup which change periodically. They sell their fresh bagels individually, by the ½ dozen or baker's dozen. They're huge and good. I'm guessing by weight, they're at least twice the size of the bulk bagels sold at WINCO.

Carol had a whole Roast Beef and Pepper Jack on a plain bagel and a cup of Vegetable Barley Soup. Neither of us had read the previous Urban Spoon(and I might add, clever) "Barely Barley" comment, but she made the same observation. She also thought the cheese was skimpy and of questionable quality. Despite these minor criticisms, she rated her lunch as good.

I had a whole Corned Beef and Swiss on an Onion bagel with a cup of Chicken Noodle Soup. I rated my lunch as excellent. My sandwich was served open faced with the fillings identically layered on each bagel half with a lettuce leaf on top. I found this much more manageable than it would have been had I put the halves together. This was a novel idea which I appreciated.

There was a basket of Cornbread Muffins near the soup table which I assumed were for the taking. I had one and it was moist and good. 12 oz soft drinks were included and our total bill was $12.50. Seemed reasonable enough to me. I grade this place a B+ and she who must be obeyed gives it a B-.

1824 Lancaster Dr,
Salem, OR, 97305
(503) 371-0176


Pam said...

Mmmm, fresh bagels. So how was the crust on the bagels? Was it similar to what you'd get at Winco? Or more crisp on the outside like you'd find at Noah's Bagels up in PDX?

Anonymous said...

I had a great bagel sandwich here once, but bummer that they aren't open on weekends!

DeeDeeDiner said...

Actually they're open from 10 am-2pm on Saturday.(My hunch is this may change depending on season and demand, but this morning's phone call query got a "yes.")