Ocean Star Seafood Co.

You don’t have to be a fisherman to return home with fresh/live seafood that is inexpensive. Just go to Ocean Star Seafood Co. in Salem. It is located on Lancaster Dr. right next to Blue Willow restaurant. The place isn’t fancy, but it has a great selection of live, fresh and frozen seafood. I’ve gone a few times, and this place has never disappointed me.
Live crab can usually be found anywhere from $4.99 to $6.99 per pound. This can’t be beat, considering most places sell cooked then frozen then defrosted Dungeness crab for more than that. They also have live lobster and an array of live fish. If cleaned and prepared is more your style, they have that too. The prices on their fish rivals places like Winco. They have scallops, shrimp, live oysters, and pretty much any kind of seafood you can think of, and if they don’t have it, they can order it. Live clams and snails sometimes too! It is pretty much a seafood lovers’ dream.
They also offer an assortment of Asian foods. There are some fresh vegetables, dried foods, noodles, and candies.

So if you want to make a fancy meal at home for your sweetheart or family, this place would definitely be worth checking out. You’ll be impressed by their prices and the quality of their seafood.
1975 Lancaster Drive Northeast
Salem, OR 97305
(503) 399-8688


Nate Rafn said...

I look forward to visiting this shop. However, I'd like to know if any of the seafood is local/regional.

Chuck Bradley said...

Thanks for the tip on this great market. My bride and I checked it out today. We bought an Angel fish. As far as we can remember, neither of us has tried this before. (Hope we can find cooking suggestions on the net!) Live Main lobster is $10.99 lb. and live Dungeness crab $4.99 lb. today! The lobsters are huge and very active. Another interesting item, we intend to try, is frozen quail. (One of my deer camp pals used to raise them and cook 'em on the campfire and we'd feast upon them a couple of time each season. So good!) They had several interesting varieties of fish I had never heard of. This place offers a min-adventure I recommend! (Against the sage advice of K and N, we went next door to the Blue Willow for lunch. Should have listened. See our comments.)

Chuck Bradley said...

Nate, I'm not sure, but I would guess that most of their fish are not from around here, but from warmer waters.

Anonymous said...

Oh,this is a great place!I love to shop that market.They always have live fish(catfish and talapia),live lobster, live dungeness crab,live clam...and sometimes I found live snails and live blue crab over there.I specially like their live dungeness crab.Last December,I bought the crabs with a crazy low price of $2.99/lb over there.And of course,my family and I bought a lot and eat a lot!By the way,their live clams and the oysters are great,too!If you like seafood,you have to visit this place.OOOh,yummy yummy!

Chuck Bradley said...

We have now tried their live Maine lobster. A first time cooking adventure. A three pounder is a huge animal. With the mistaken assumption that the rubber bands restraining its claws would foul my cooking water, I removed them. With my water boiling, I picked up my recently-rendered-semi-lethal critter. It threw its vice grip-tipped appendages wide, in an attempt to grab a piece of me. I then had a 12” wide mouth on my cooking pot, a lobster with an 18” wingspan and an obvious problem. What ensued was a one round tag team match. Carol was my team mate. The lobster acquitted itself quite well without one. With the aid of heavy wooden spoon and much grunting and girlish squealing, we accomplished the valiant warrior’s demise. (I wish I could attribute the squealing part to my wife or the lobster, but alas………)

It was delicious, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling about this place.I went to this market today.Their live crab sells $2.99/lb.Such a good price.The crab are big and full meat.They are so delicious!!!You guys have to try it!And the guy is so nice.He gave me a Chinese calendar!!!

Anonymous said...

Their oysters are the freshest, the best flavor, great deals,
All state certified, these are the best I have ever ate, and my family all agree with me. You won't be disappointed with this market!

Jia said...

I just bought a live crab here tonight. $4.49/lb. soooo goood.