Momiji Japanese Crepes & Sushi

Momiji Japanese Crepes & Sushi

The desire for sushi struck again, and I had to abide. There is a new sushi restaurant in town. It’s called Momiji Japanese Crepes & Sushi. I’ve been there a total of 4 times, and if it wasn’t so out of the way, I would be there even more often.

The location is odd, it’s way out on Silverton Rd. a few blocks from Lancaster Dr. Upon driving by, I was a little put off by the neighborhood and the outer appearance of the place. I decided to buck up, park, and go in. I was so glad that I did. The interior of this restaurant is fun. The walls are full of ocean murals and it is bright and interesting albeit small (but that is part of the charm). The staff are very personable, young and hip. And the food is inventive and fun.

The last time I went, I joined in on a “sushi party” that a few of the patrons were having. The seven of us pitched in some cash, and the owner, Bruce, served us roll after roll and we sampled a variety of sushi. He was in his twenties and very boisterous. You could really tell that he enjoyed his job and his enthusiasm was infectious (or maybe it was the sake). They have a larger sake and Japanese beer selection than I have seen at any sushi restaurant in Salem.

I had so many rolls that night. Some of the highlights were the lobster roll, the Flying V roll, and a specialty that is quite popular but you have to ask for. It’s called the “Timebomb,” it consists of real crab, tempura shrimp, avocado, with seared tilapia and whitefish on top, orange and eel sauce topped with more green and orange tobiko. It was fantastic. I also discovered a sake that was like nothing I’ve ever had before. It was called “Stars” and it was a filtered sparkling sake. It was light yet flavorful and very refreshing.

To finish off (even though I thought I would explode) we had Japanese crepes, I picked the chocolate one. I’d have to say that it was the best dessert I have ever had at a Japanese restaurant. It was a light super thin vanilla crepe filled with chocolate ice cream, Nutella, slivered almonds, whipped cream, and sprinkles wrapped into a cone shape. It was like a party in my mouth.

They have a great lunch special and the prices can’t be beat. Right now they are running a sushi special where all of their nigiri is $1 all the time. I am happy that I stumbled upon this place.

Edit: Bruce, the owner of the Silverton Rd. Momiji is offering a free crepe with your order if you mention the eatsalem blog. How exciting!

Momiji Japanese Crepes & Sushi

4590 Silverton Rd. NE



Beka said...

I have heard that this is the best sushi place in town these days. I have yet to try it, but I plan to soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, Looks like these are two different locations.

jeff said...

I believe there are two Momiji's - one is out behind Los Baez on Commercial, the other is this one... which I didn't know about, but which is closer than the other to me. Huh, between Sushi Kyo, Fuji Rice Time, and this, my wife is going to think we're turning Japanese...

Jia said...

Yes, this is different than the one on Commercial St.and has different owners. The menu is similar, but the one on Silverton Rd. is a lot more fun to visit.

Rebekah said...

Anyone know if the two locations are related at all? Otherwise, I wonder what would make them use the same name.

tracylee said...

I've seen a Momiji's (Same sign) at the coast - Lincoln City, I believe - so I think they're a small, local chain.

Anonymous said...

There are total five momijis in Oregon now they are individually owned and operate. All chefs were taugh by original owner John Z. All locations quality are equally good. Except 4590 silverton rd NE location has dessert Crepes and 30 some type of sake plum wine to choose from. We also have a drive thru for sushi order or pick up. Come by to try out, we will give u a Crepes when u mention about my eatsalem review. C u here soon! Bruce Z.

Pam said...

We drove by one night a week or two ago and our jaws dropped. Sushi in that neighborhood? But when the sushi craving hits (probably this weekend) that's exactly where we're going to be going. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

We were in the mood for sushi tonight and had it narrowed down to here or Sushi Kyo, and the free crepe sold us on giving the new Momiji's a try. We're glad we did! Everyone there was about as friendly as you could imagine; probably the friendliest dining experience of my life to be honest. We each ordered some rolls and some nigiri for variety. Everything tasted great and my drink stayed filled. The initial sushi chef didn't know about the free crepe offered but luckily Bruce was right there to fill him in. He seemed excited about the review here but said I was the first to get a free crepe from it. If you're on the fence on trying this place I'd say its well worth it. I think I have a new favorite sushi place in town.

Chuck Bradley said...

My bride and I tried this carefully hidden NE Salem place today. Had it not been for the “Sushi” flag flying out on Silverton RD, we would have driven right by it. It sits way back from the road in the rear portion of a building and bills itself as “Salem’s first drive-thru Sushi Bar & Restaurant”.

We were greeted by Tony our helpful server. The space is small but comfortable

We each had a bowl of delicious Miso Soup. Carol ordered Escolar (White Tuna) and Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) from the Nigiri Sushi (2 pc per order) section of the menu and I had a lunch combo, from the Maki Sushi section, of Oregon Salmon Roll and Avocado Roll (8 pc each). Each plate included sliced Ginger and tangy Wasabi. It was all very fresh and good. We really enjoyed it. Although She Who Must Be Obeyed maneuvers chopsticks much more deftly than I, I felt that I acquitted myself adequately (no lap retrievals today), if I do say so.

I was on track for a heart-smart meal until I noticed the “Create Your Own” Crepe options! I went ahead and blew it with a Blueberry and Whipped Cream Crepe! (You may detect no remorseful overtones in my imaginary voice. It was totally worth the calories!)

Tony did a first-rate job of walking two neophytes through the process. And as an added surprise, we were treated to an a cappella serenade by the sushi chef in a, rather pleasing to the ear, falsetto. When was the last time that happened to you in Salem Oregon? (In truth, I think he was singing more for his own pleasure than for ours. He was just a happy guy.)

We had an excellent meal and, thanks to the lively help, a great time. If you find yourself on the northeast end of town, we think you’ll find this place worthwhile.

Jia said...

I ordered some sushi last night and picked it up at the drive-thru. There were some leftovers and so I had them for lunch today, but it only left me wanting more. Now I am craving more sushi. The food here is so yummy; I guess I'm going to phone an order in and pick it up after work.