Lucky Fortune Restaurant & Lounge

Sometimes one just gets the urge to get some cheap food and cocktails at the local dive bar. I’ve found just the place. The lounge at Lucky Fortune gives you the opportunity to do the things that you really shouldn’t. It offers a dive bar atmosphere with relatively few people to witness you gamble, drink too much and eat greasy food. They also have a restaurant portion which seems more family friendly, but I have yet to dine in that part.

The atmosphere is not very romantic (unless you prefer dive bars), but the prices just can’t be beat. You can get an oversized shot of Johnny Walker Black for under $6, and for lunch, you can go for their $2.99 lunch specials. The service is friendly but not coddling, and they have many menu options. There is a wide variety of Chinese food and even burgers and fries.
I like their tofu chow fun and that is usually the only thing I order there because their menu is pretty meat heavy. Their shrimp rolls are pretty delectable as well. Just keep in mind that things tend to be a little salty. Take out might also be a good option if you want the food prices but would rather skip their particular brand of ambience. I think it is a good choice for the price and quantity and if you’re just looking for a change of pace.

Lucky Fortune Restaurant & Lounge
1401 Lancaster Drive Northeast
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 399-9189


Chuck Bradley said...

Lucky Fortune's lunch specials and Michelangelo’s $4 four topping personal pizza are the two of best lunch values in Salem. I would love to hear of any others!!

Amecameca said...

This review will confirm a lot of folks' opinion that Salem is a redneck town where most of the local goobers would not know good food if it came up and bit them on the a**. I say that with affection and not with contempt. Keep Salem Lame!

Jia said...

The review establishes that the food there is inexpensive, the food isn't amazing, but you can't really expect a mind-blowing culinary experience at $2.99 a pop. I think that people in Salem know good food, but sometimes price can take priority over exquisite taste. no?

Anonymous said...

Amecameca I so agree with you! Case in point we decided to go to Geppetto's last night after reading some not so bad reviews on Eat Salem. OMG it was HORRIBLE! Inedible is how I would describe it. Yet the nicely dressed folks at the neighboring table seemed to love their food and listening to the conversations it seemed they were regulars.

Chuck Bradley said...

Negative posts give me no pleasure. But the level of service or more accurately, the lack thereof, we received at Lucky Fortune today needs to be related.

Having had their incredibly low priced lunch special of three items for $3.50 ($2.99 at that time) which was good and plentiful, if not great, we overlooked the large tin butt can (for the employees cigarettes) and the plastic bags overflowing with Styrofoam fast food containers in the landscaping by the door, we went in. We ordered our meals. I ordered Hot and Sour Soup with mine. Our emotionless server placed a cup of Egg Flower Soup before me as she hurried by. I spotted the error immediately, but she was gone before I could launch the words to say so. I tried to catch her eye as she passed our table several times serving others (who had arrived after we did) meals. I finally hailed her verbally. She scooped the cup from my table and never made eye contact or acknowledged us again in any way. After 10 to 15 more minutes, we walked out.

I can live with incompetence, but not surliness or intentional neglect. There are lots of good Chinese places in Salem/Keizer. I can recommend several. Lucky Fortune is not among them.