The Fifty Pub & Grub

“Eat-Drink-Rock-Repeat” that is the motto for The Fifty Pub and Grill on Wallace Road in West Salem. There is no place like this in Salem. It is a rockabilly biker bar that has a very different vibe. I took a liking to their interior the moment I stepped in, everything was black and red and chrome.
The crowd has been varied each time that I go, sometimes it is filled with beautiful young and tattooed people, other times old bikers, and sometimes just sports fans sitting at the bar with a beer in hand. They have an outdoor patio that is quite large with a fire pit and picnic tables. There are pool tables, horseshoes, and they have a Traeger outside.
There is a decent selection of food and the menu lists all sorts of great specials and they have specials for those that bring in their motorcycles or hot rods in.
Mondays: Free Hot Dogs for Monday Night Football
Tuesdays: $2 Crispy Chicken Sandwich (happy hour until 9PM)
Wednesday: $2 ¼ lb Cheeseburger
Thursday: $1 Carnitas Tacos
Fridays: $6 BBQ Dinner (I bet it’s made on the Traeger) and live music
Sundays: $4 breakfast including a beer or well drink.
And for people that like to drink before noon, they have an 8AM-11AM Happy Hour.
Another thing I enjoyed about this place was the sign by the jukebox that says “Play rap at your own risk.” During December they will also be offering free Blues dancing lessons. I know that they also have burlesque shows and during the summer months, they host Cruise-ins. It’s nice to find places in town with a great atmosphere and specials that are tasty, yet don’t break the bank. Bring your motorcycle or antique car down and grab a bite!
935 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, OR 97304


Chuck Bradley said...

I love dive bars! And this one qualifies. I popped in here late last month and had their lunch special which was Shrimp and Fries for $5.95! Seven big butterflied prawns, breaded and deep fried with a huge portion of battered fries made for more than I needed to eat. This is not haute cuisine folks, but it sure filled the void. The wait staff did a fine job. It's probably not a place you'd take your spinster Aunt, but I'd go back.

Chuck Bradley said...

I've been hearing whispers around town about something called Hog Wings. The 50 Pub & Grub's got 'em. Today curiosity whisked me away. (No Flying Pigs sarcasm here please!) I asked for a large order with BBQ Sauce. (Other options are: Mild and Hot Sauces presumably like one gets with Buffalo Wings.)

Katy bar the door! I was presented with 13 of these Meaty Monsters! They look like a Short Spare Rib with the bone-in. But they have so much Meat on them, I know this couldn’t be. Further research revealed that they are actually cut from the Shank. Semi-crunchy outside and moist and tender inside. Mighty tasty!

A small order would have been plenty. If you go for the large, better bring reinforcements!

KandN said...

Hog Wings? :>)
Thanks for the awesome share, Chuck!

Jia said...

Thanks Chuck! Looks like I know where I'm taking myself for a date next week.

Anonymous said...

Yep I'm going to have to go, too! I wonder if they still do their morning happy hour?....

Don't judge me for wanting pork for breakfast!