Downtown Grocery & Deli

~Review by Chuck Bradley

I've been curious about this place for awhile. The eatery is tucked away behind and above the mom and pop grocery. Their cuisine is Mediterranean and Organic.
Today I had one of their "Specialty Meals", the Shawarma Tender Beef. To call the beef tender is a stretch, but it was very flavorful. It was marinated with "Mediterranean spices", served with a "mixture sauce (Tahini sauce, garlic, parsley, lemon juice and Mediterranean spices)" and delicately seasoned rice. The rice flavor was familiar, but not quite identifiable. The meat was very reminiscent of Mexican Carne Asada.
A generous serving of pita bread and a tangy hummus spread concoction was included. The place was clean and bright. (I had a balcony window seat.) My server was energetic and helpful. Even the other patrons were friendly and gregarious. It was almost a family atmosphere with perfect strangers chatting away. It was a good meal among nice folks. I recommend this place.

145 Liberty ST NE


Anonymous said...

Safeway, South Commercial has good chinese food at the Deli. Great price Dinner for two 9.95. I was surprised by the quantity they give.

Anonymous said...

I really like this place. The lamb schwarma is definitely better than the beef. I usually go for one of their "bites", which are wonderful fluffy rounds with different fillings. The pastry dough is homemade, super tender and almost slightly sweet. There are several different varieties: meat- heavily spiced ground beef, I believe it is spiced with zahtar; a feta one, which I have been told is just feta with eggs to bind it; and a pepper one that's name is escaping me. It is made with ground nuts (walnuts, I believe) and spices. They also have a spinach bite that is made with the same dough but is shaped into a triangle. Unlike spanikopita, there is no feta in this one. I will often get one of their bites (or 2) and a small portion of their fabulous imported feta to go. Perfect for dinner with a salad and leftovers for the next day. The desserts are also very good. Ask questions and you might score a free sample! The service is usually pretty slow but all the employees seem to be very nice and apologetic about the wait.

Anonymous said...

I have been curious about this Mediterranean grocery and deli since it opened 7 months ago so I stepped in today just to observe. The grocery isles are filled w/ just about anything you might need on a whim. I was especially impressed by the grocery section filled w/ unusual and hard to find items from all over the world. They also have beer and wine selections in the coolers or to drink on the premises. The place is very neat and clean and remodeled. The owner "Tony" talked up the place to us and gave us a tour. The dinning area is upstairs filled w/ booths and tables as well as flat screen TV's. Tony informed us that we could either order downstairs at the deli counter where a huge chalkboard w/ sandwich offerings hangs above a deli counter filled w/ salads, etc. Or we could be served either of their 2 menus by a server at the tables upstairs. He also noted the entire upstairs dinning area is available for catering events. The other menu consists of Mediterranean fare w/ appetizers, Shawarma or vegetarian sandwiches and Shawarma plates and small bites. They also have an ATM right as you enter. I plan on returning to enjoy a sandwich or some Shawarma and perhaps take some deli salads to go. What is Shawarma you ask?