Willamette Burger Company One Year Anniversary

I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb to say that Willamette Burger Company makes the best burger in town. I've tried to avoid declaring "best (fill in the blank)" because it's too subjective. But, Willamette Burger Company is so far ahead of the pack in every burger category it's very clear they are tops in town. The fresh ground beef patties that they make daily are thick like a homemade burger and they will cook them to your liking. If you're into burgers you already know about and frequent this place often. If you're not, WBC will make you more enthusiastic about meat. This month, they are celebrating their one year anniversary of being in business on Broadway NE. To celebrate, they have a really unique contest with a top prize of having a burger named after the winner for a month. To play, just go in there this month, draw something on the paper table cloth and hand it over to your server at the end of the meal. At the end of the month they will pick three winners. As cool as it would be to have people ordering an entree named after you, you can't lose when you eat at Willamette Burger Co. Everything on their menu that I have tried has been great including the homemade tater tots and orange float. Here's some of my recent eats.

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Vegan's Nightmare said...

I'd like to give you an "Amen" Salem Man! "The Best" is purely subjective, except in this case.

I'd compete, but I don't think they want two "Vegan's Nightmare" burgers on the menu.