Mommy & Maddi's

I thought friend Shirley and I were going somewhere new and undiscovered for our traditional autumn breakfast.  One look at the completely full parking lot and I realized we were coming to the party late.  I couldn't wait to see what Mommy & Maddi's fans had discovered.

The rain was coming down pretty good, so we were thankful for the backdoor entrance and to the couple who left us a parking spot.  There was a cushy loveseat and chair to sit on while we waited for a table to open up.  Hard to say how long we waited--once Shirley and I begin talking, time flies.

The laminated menu features a full page of breakfast options with plenty of variety and price ranges.  Instead of my usual scramble, I decided to try their ham and cheese omelet with a biscuit.  Shirley ordered the swiss cheese, mushroom and bacon omelet with wheat toast.  They serve Illy coffee.  The smooth flavor was somewhere between strong and medium.  I was happy to find they were generous with their refills.  
Our tall, fluffy omelets arrived short order.  I was happy to see they didn't go overboard on the extras inside the omelet.  I like to taste the eggs, not just cheese.  My omelet was tender and although my shredded hashbrowns were on the pale side, they had a nice flavor without being greasy.
Shirley said, "the breakfast was good and hearty! (Way more than I could eat). The bacon swiss cheese omelet was chock full of savory bacon chunks dripping with melted cheese! I did find myself wishing I'd gotten the biscuit instead of the toast though."

Update: : Starting Nov. 5, they will be open for dinner on Fridays by reservation only.

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Owners: Don and Wendi Uselman of White's and Don's Cafe
Mommy & Maddi's is located in the old Coffee Paradigm location at
4765 River Road N.
Keizer, OR
(503) 363-9000


Chuck Bradley said...

I'm giving it an "I like it", but not without some criticisms. This restaurant is in a charmingly converted residence with an adequate private parking lot. I was served my Mommy herself who was a cheerful and friendly person. Luck smiled upon me as the Reuben sandwich was the lunch special. As is my custom, I requested that the kraut be well drained which it was. The Corned Beef was of high quality but in scant supply. My idea of a perfect Reuben has just enough kraut to complement the flavor of the meat and cheese, not be the dominant taste sensations of the sandwich. I had hoped for Swiss cheese cut from the block complete with holes. (Sorry for the contradiction in terms) The Swiss today was the processed variety which was mostly lacking in texture and flavor. The water glass provided was the three swallow juice size (5 oz.) which was drained after my first bite, and was not replenished until I had finished my meal. Here I must lodge my recurring complaint about no coat hook in the men's room. If I were the emperor of the world, they would be mandated by health department rules, building codes or better still by royal decree! I give Mommy and Maddi's a C rating.

Anonymous said...

Husband, son, grandson (5) and I went there for breakfast after church on a Sunday. At first we thought we had missed out on breakfast time as the menu said until 11:00. However our very sweet waitress informed us that they need to change that as they do serve breakfast (I think all day). Anyway, it was delicious. My husband and son both had the Denver omelette. They complemented the quantity and quality of the fillings and were very pleased that it the eggs were still moist. I had the basic eggs, bacon and hashbrown choice. Eggs were cooked just right and everything was very good. Grandson had the 6 little pancakes and gobbled them up like nobody's business! The staff was very friendly and helpful. We took home a couple of goodies from the case up front. Best brownie I ever had. Also a very good orange crean cake. I will be going back.

Anonymous said...

Sad, but the past two times I've eaten here I've been disappointed in the service and the food.

Anonymous said...

The street sign is baffling.