Jake's Bar & Grill

I've been taunted by the sign outside that reads "18 oz Ribeye $13.95". That's right, it says eighteen and I want it.

The building is nondescript, a couple of high windows filled with neon beer signs. Not the place I'd usually head for a nice steak, but there's a side of me that loves a good dive bar. We sat in the parking lot and decided that if it wasn't a place we wanted to eat in, we would just have a drink.

Inside I was surprised at how clean and bright it was. Not exactly a dive bar, the large room was filled with well lit pool tables and lacks your typical bar atmosphere. The brightly lit room definitely caters to their clientele based on the sheer number of customers with custom pool sticks in their hands.

Mr. and I chose a couple of seats at the bar. The bartender was friendly and most of the customers we saw knew him my name. The theme to Cheers began to run through my head...

We had the chance to order directly from the cook. We found that they make their soups from scratch and their two biggest sellers are the ribeye, which can also be ordered for breakfast, and the open face turkey sandwich.

I couldn't resist the 18 oz ribeye, that was what I came for right? It came with fries and we upgraded to a choice of soup or salad to start. We chose the clam chowder and ordered an extra plate.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bowl of chowder, it was creamy and tasty and came with a roll. The chef brought out the inch and a half thick steak for Mr. to test for doneness. With a steak that thick he wanted to be sure it was cooked how we wanted which I appreciated. Mr. decided it needed a bit more time on the grill, so we finished up our game of pool.

The steak had perfect char marks, the fat was crisp around the edge and it was a perfect medium rare inside. The fries were your standard crinkle cut freezer fries, but they were hot and crispy. There wasn't a hint of salt on either the steak or fries, but besides that I was pretty impressed by the food.

Mr. had two beers and I had a gin & tonic making the total bill less than 30 dollars. The staff was really friendly and the food was great for bar food. Would I come here just for the food? Probably not, but if I wanted to shoot a game of pool and have something to eat, this is the first place I'd go.

Jake's Bar & Grill
1686 12th St SE
Salem, OR 97302-2821

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KandN said...

Kristi, Thanks for another fly on the wall view of Jake's. Between your and Rebekah's reviews I feel like it's a place I'd like to try. I've been curious about that place for a long, long time. Especially since the parking lot is always full.