Jake's Bar & Grill

I have been driving by Jake's for years, noticing the sign advertising their great food, thinking about trying it out, but then I just keep driving. Until one day a friend who plays pool mentioned that I should come hang out during one of her tournaments. So, I finally made it inside of Jake's. I was surprised by the sheer size of the place and the large number of pool tables. (Why I would be surprised that a place hosting pool tournaments had lots of pool tables, I don't know, but there it is.)

The place gets pretty crowded on Sundays during pool tournaments, but I sat a table with my friend and her pool buddies and ordered a salad. A couple people at the table recommended the Chicken Chef Salad, which came with either crispy or grilled chicken. I was going to order the grilled chicken, but when the waitress informed me that the grilled chicken was actually thigh meat (and not lean breast like I assumed), I decided to go with the less healthy, but tasty, crispy chicken instead. I appreciated the friendliness of the waitress and how informed she was about the menu and food products used.

The salad came out on a big platter with lots of toppings as a chef salad should. I wasn't thrilled about the colorless iceberg lettuce in the salad, but I don't expect anything different in a $7 salad. In fact, I would have been really surprised if there had been a higher quality lettuce in what is basically a dive bar that has a pretty decent menu. While I was eating my salad, I noticed a VERY large hamburger go by and I think I might have to try it sometime. Jake's is definitely generous with their portions.

The clientele and the servers were very nice and friendly. I would go back to Jake's for the friendly bar and probably to try to one of those yummy looking burgers. I would also like to try one of their breakfasts sometime.

Daily Specials Board
1686 12th St SE
Corner of 12th and Rural

Salem, OR 97302-2821

(503) 362-3600


jeff said...

Looks a lot nicer than a "dive bar" to me...

Chuck Bradley said...

Jeff, The photo flatters this place. Dive Bar (some of my favorite places qualify as such) is an apt description. I tried Jake's in early July. I had a deli sandwich. I think they were getting ready for a pool tournament or something. Service was marginal. Food was sub-par. There are so many great bar & grill places in Salem, I see no reason to waste any more time or money on this one. (The last four sentences are from contemporaneous notes. Given the above review, I may give Jake's another shot.)

Salem Man said...

$11 for filet migon and fries = dive bar

Anonymous said...

Just got back with Fish & Chips (to go) and I am very disappointed. I should have added a $1:00 to their $9.00 price and went to a regular restaurant.