Domo Dogs Opening Today In Salem!

Here's an interesting press release I got yesterday. Domo Dogs, a PDX food vehicle is opening another location in Salem. I wonder if all of these food vehicles are changing the habits of eaters in Salem. They have an advantage, because you have to walk by the food vehicle to get to the restaurant. The part in this press release about a "food pod" at Silverton and Lancaster might be something to check out. To follow @DomoDogs on twitter, click here.

Bud and Grae Lewis, purveyors of fine Japanese Fusion Sandwiches served 'hot dog-style' began four and a half months ago in Portland and overnight became consistently listed among food vehicle "foodies" as one of the top ten food vehicles in town. The rich, creamy combination of American bakery rolls and delicious, grilled polish sausages served with unique Japanese-inspired sauces and toppings took the street-eats crowd by storm. Domo Dogs' amazing blending of flavors that touch each of the diner's taste buds created a new taste sensation that leaves them bobbing their heads and giving the thumbs-up and sometimes even making what Budd and Grae have come to call the sound they make as "The Domo Moan", well, it's no longer just going to be just a Portland thing. DOMO DOGS IS COMING TO SALEM!!!

Beginning Wednesday, October 6th, the Domo Dog trailer, discernible by it's big red market umbrella, moves onto what may well be Salem's first bonafide "food pod", as they're called in PDX. The pod is located near the cross of Silverton and Lancaster, precisely at 3905 Silverton Rd. NE where a behemoth quadruple BarBQ rig huffs and puffs and turns out some of the best smoked meats in town called TNT BarBQ. Other quality food vehicles are already eye-ing the location and may be moving in soon, some of them coming from PDX, as well.

PDX Domo Dogs' legion of fans and followers are already emailing, phoning and texting their Salem friends, families and fellow foodies that they should run, not walk, straight over to the Silverton Pod location for lunch both Wednesday and Thursday. The experience widens and the legend grows about Domo Dogs.

Due to previous commitments for both up-coming weekends in mid-October, where Domo Dogs will be serving their delicious food fare at Portland Nursery's widely anticipated "Apple Tasting" event, they'll only be at the pod on Wednesday and Thursday for the next two weeks. But, after that, barring the random event now and then, Domo Dogs will be set up for lunch Wednesday thru Saturday every week thereafter.

Their pricing is right in line with college-student and working people's budgets so everyone is encouraged to head over for the taste-of-a-lifetime experience on the cost low-down. Only two sandwiches of the Japanese Fusion variety are offered; the "Major Domo" which is the more savory of the two, topped with Teriyaki-marinated onions and real Japanese imported Furikake (seaweed flakes-toasted sesame seeds) and the "Domo-Yaki" which is topped with fresh Daikon sprouts and an unforgettable peanut-coconut cream sauce. Many Domo Dog-Diners who order both sandwiches say, the Major Domo is lunch and the Domo-Yaki is dessert! There is also the "All American" which features the same 1/5 lb. polish sausage but served with the usual American condiments for the less culinary-curious.

Budd and Grae invite everyone to Google up "Domo Dogs" to find their Facebook and Twitter pages as well as to have a read of some of the stellar reviews given to their incredible dishes since they began back in the Spring (like this one from FoodCartsPortland:

Their hours of operation and locations are posted for all to read. Don't miss an opportunity to try one of these signature sandwiches. One bite and you'll know why everyone in Portland has gone Domo-Crazy. Now it's Salem's turn to enjoy the fabulous tastes and textures of Domo Dogs and claim it as their own hometown taste treat!

Domo Arigato!


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We noticed that food pod growing but hadn't yet stopped by to see what's going on. Sounds like we need to head over there post haste.

Hopefully this is the beginning of Salem's gastronomic coming of age, so to speak. we're so tired of wanting to eat out for dinner and having every restaurant suggestion vetoed... then settling for the gut-busting special at the the dive down the street out of hungry desperation.

(Fingers crossed!)