The Cupcakery: treats when you don't have the time.

Salem's dining scene has blossomed in the five years I've been here, thankfully. But what about those times when you don't want to eat out? Maybe you would rather enjoy something at home... but don't necessarily have the time to create it all?

My next few reviews are going to focus on the resources in Salem that can help you have a fantastic gustatory experience at home... without dirtying up every pan in your kitchen and leaving you sweaty and flour-covered. 

Let's start with the best part: dessert!

Quite by chance, a friend in real life and on Facebook (Stephen Wood, photographer extraordinaire), friended something called The Cupcakery. Who could resist checking out a name like that? Behind the name I found a great story: an industrious young Ally Mcvey who is a student at Sprague High School had begun serving up beautiful and tasty cupcakes to Salemites. 

Resistance was futile. Contacting Ally, I ordered a dozen vanilla cupcakes and asked for a sampling of toppings to show me what she had. I was to pick the up at Affordable Framing on Commercial Street SE; I'm assuming there's a family connection with the business, as once inside you'll also see a little display of some jewelry made by Ally.

I picked up a very handsome and professional pastry box, with a printed "menu" on top. It took nothing short of perfect discipline to not open the box, but to simply return to work and finish out the day knowing there were a dozen morsels in the car waiting to be devoured. The plan was to take them to a friend's house that evening to be enjoyed around a campfire. 

Alas, that plan didn't come to pass, so what really happened was the three members of my household (myself, partner Scot and friend Kris) gathered around the box and opened it once I got home. We ooh'd and aah'd at the lovely large cups of cake piled high with icing and then loaded with goodies, from cookie chunks to peanut butter cups to tiny marshmallows. 

Moist cake, rich but fluffy frosting and fresh toppings made for amazingly sweet and satisfying indulgence. Not for the faint of heart, however; they are quite rich and some might want to consider sharing a half with someone else. The price was very nice, too; ony $15 for a dozen very special cupcakes. 

They are available one flavor per dozen. Check out some of these flavores: Razzleberry, Maple Bacon, Coconut-Raspberry Clouds, Cream Cheese Dream, Mudslide... and more. As her printed menu states, perfect for weddings, birthday parties, showers, workplace events, etc.

Or... just because you want a damn fine dessert treat. 

Check out The Cupcakery on Facebook, and contact Ally Mcvey to place your order! 

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