Clockworks Cafe

Last day for Clockworks Cafe, December 21, 2012

I have come to have a routine.  I am allowed to work from home on Thursdays and Fridays each week, and in the afternoons of those days, I typically go to Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center to have lunch and work.  The cafe just opened this past spring where Blue Pepper used to be (241 Commercial St NE), and it is intended to serve a myriad of purposes. It is a place to eat, listen to live music, take classes, or just meet and hang out.

I love working there, because there are a large number of tables, and an equally abundant supply of electrical outlets, so it's easy for me to find a place to plug in my laptop.  In addition to the tables and chairs, there are a number of sofas and easy chairs. The music playing over speakers during the day can best be described as eclectic. I've heard everything from contemporary Christian music to Pink Floyd to dance music. Overall, I find it surprisingly easy to work there.

In addition to working, I usually plan to eat my lunch there.  They offer a number of sandwiches, both hot and cold, and the sandwich includes a handful of potato chips and fresh fruit.  They also have soups and some lighter plates of fruit and cottage cheese or hummus and pita.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fresh fruit, which has included blueberries in the past.  I also love that they use Dave's Killer Bread on the sandwiches.  Pictured in the first photo above is my typical selection, the tuna melter and iced tea.  Prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, in my opinion, with sandwiches ranging from $5.95 to $6.95.  They offer a full line of espresso drinks as well, although the prices for those tend to be a little higher than you might see elsewhere.

I almost always want a little snack later in the afternoon, and to feed that sweet tooth, they have a large selection of goodies that I'm told come from Marcy's in Portland.  Above is a lemon bar which I particularly like.  They also have a selection of items you can buy by the scoop, including dark chocolate covered acai berries.  I have gotten these before, and they provide a very generous scoop for only 75 cents. 

Overall, I would recommend to anyone that they try out Clockworks Cafe for lunch or a light dinner.  It's a very relaxed atmosphere and the food provides a relatively healthy and tasty alternative.


Anonymous said...

The "goodies" mentioned are from a bakery called Marsee Baking. Clockworks is not the only place in town that carries their pastries. Also, the reason the coffee might be a little bit more is that they use Stumptown beans - arguably the best in the U.S. Clockworks is not the only place in town using these beans.

I agree. Clockworks is one of the best coffee shops in town.

Anonymous said...

I was not impressed. I went because I am a barista and was excited to have stumptown so conveniantly located. However, ordered an americano with about an inch of 2 % milk, and not only did the girl behind the counter have to ask her manager how to make it (are you serious?) she told me there was milk on the counter, to which I cheerfully replied "OK Thanks so much." I then had to go back to the counter and wait while the staff chatted and ignored me to ask again for my milk because there was only half and half on the counter. It tasted pretty decent, but not stumptown worthy. The place has def. got potential, they just need to invest in some better training.

Anonymous said...

It has potential. Stumptown beans are good quality, but good quality beans alone do not make good coffee. You need good equipment and well trained baristas.

Clockworks makes a really average cup of coffee. I have been a hard core coffee drinker since the days the beanery was the only coffee house in town.

Best cups in town: Ike Box and (i HATE to say it) Starbucks.

Stumptown in Portland is great. So is boiling pot and black sheep both in pdx.

Anonymous said...

Visited Clockworks for the first time yesterday (a rainy Saturday afternoon). The space is great and I think a little better laid out and cozier than Blue Pepper. The Stumptown coffee was tasty and reasonable for $1.25. The counter staff service was lackadaisical but maybe it had been a long shift. Would suggest they offer something besides half & half/cream on the counter. Most coffee shops offer a skinnier alternative such as 2 percent or skim and would appreciate it.