Cherry City Cafe

Update: Cherry City Cafe is now closed

If  High Street is part of your daily commute, just N of the Salem Center Parkade, you've probably already noticed what's happening at 615 High St. NE.

Every time I see a local place like Cafe de A'more close, I'm sad and become concerned about what happened.  And then I'll see a new sign on a building under going a major facelift and I feel hopeful again.
I'm including a link to The Cherry City Cafe website and hope it makes you feel as excited and hopeful as me.
Facebook page
Recent review 2-2011

615 High St. NE
Salem, OR, 97301
Mon - Sun:5:30 am - 7:00 pm


Chuck Bradley said...

Normally, I'm not a fan of coffee stand type eateries. Their menu selections usually strike me as afterthoughts. The Cherry City Cafe is a work in progress with bare concrete floors and beverage menu blackboard unhung and leaning against the wall. I noted the place was sparkling clean and the silverware was bright and shiny. Their exterior signage was unobtrusive to the point of being hard to pick up even though I was looking for the place. A charmingly gregarious young lady was my server. She was attentive without intruding on my quiet reading time. I chose The Grand Turkey Club ($9.95) which was Roasted Turkey, bacon, thin slices of Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, tomato, lettuce, red onion (nice touch) and dill pickle with mustard and mayo on two pieces (I do not need the third slice) of untoasted wheat bread. It was served with a large bag of Kettle brand Sea Salt chips. (Garden, Caesar or Potato Salad or soup can be substituted for an additional $1.95.) It was above average. I enjoyed the food, service and overall experience. Although the location is less than perfect, I recommend Cherry City Cafe and wish these folks success. I’ll be back to try their Cherry Nuevo on Panini bread.

Anonymous said...

We ate there recently for lunch. The place is clean, the silverware is shiny and new, the service friendly. The Cherry Nuevo pannini was delicious. The soup was extremely salty to both myself and my dining partner, we could not finish it. His breakfast burrito was nasty, no flavor, no salsa, 3 little flecks of cheese, and just bad.

Anonymous said...

They need better espresso training. My shots were bitter. Also need some art on the walls! Glancing at the menu, it was nothing to write home about. And the pastry case was pretty bare. Granted, it was lunchtime, and it's hard to gauge how many pastries to have on hand and not have too many day-olds, but it was disappointing. I'll give them another try since they're new, but overall I prefer Clockworks, Broadway Cafe, and Jo Mocha.

KandN said...

Anon #1 & #2,
Don't forget how new they are and to give them another chance.
Hopefully, they'll check in to get some ideas on what needs changing/tweaking since you both mentioned some specific items.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of positive elements to this place, but if you are going to be a "cafe" you really need to nail the coffee/espresso part in my opinion. They need better quality control and training on the coffee side.

They have friendly staff, but they don't appear well trained on the barista side. Drip coffee was lukewarm and sour (old) and espresso was bitter. Mocha did not have the right balance of flavors and you could taste the espresso bitterness through.

It's a nice place and would likely do well since they have a lot of neighbors and no close competitors.

Anonymous said...

Their coffee has improved in the past month. Im pretty picky and the last two times I've been happy.

Rebekah said...

It's really too bad that they are closed on the weekends now. I live not too far from there and would like to go for a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings.

One of my biggest complaints about restaurants is hours that aren't consistent. After a couple tries and finding them closed, I usually don't try again. It is just a waste of my time when I could go to an establishment that I know will be open.

KandN said...

Oh oh, they're closed on Saturdays, too?