Cheese Steaks are Happening in Salem

I've been hearing a lot about a guy who sells cheese steaks from a cart in the downtown Salem area. I love a good cheese steak, so I went out in search of him a couple times but never found him. That is, I never found him until today.

I got his location from a friend of mine on Twitter and promptly made my way to his location at the intersection of Summer St. and Center St. Sure enough, he was right where I was told he was, and I arrived as someone else just placed their order.

Waiting for the cheese steak guy to cook up this other customer's sandwich gave me a chance to check out this new operation works. I quickly noticed that these delicious cheese steak subs are cooked when you order them; they don't sit around in a warmer. While the steak and onions are being grilled, he slices a hoagie bun in preparation. After the steak, onions, and cheese are ready, they are slipped into the bun and handed off to you.

One of the first things I noticed about this steak and cheese sandwich (other than how great it tasted) was that the slices of steak are slightly thicker than what you find at most sub shops. Personally, I prefer these thicker slices over chopped steak. Combine these thick slices of steak along with grilled onions and melting cheese and you've got something fantastic!

Next time you're in the downtown area at lunch time, try getting a cheese steak from Salem's Cheese Steak guy.


Vegan's Nightmare said...

Awesome! Does the Cheese Steak Guy have a Twitter account we can follow so we know where he is?

Unknown said...

That was a delish cheese steak. I want to have another!

Amecameca said...

Thanks for the good review Rob. Does he use Cheez Whiz like they do in Philly? That might be too weird for Salemites.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting Cheez Whiz, but alas, it was not. And I do agree with you that some people may find that too weird.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like cheez whiz there's something wrong with you!