Love Love Teriyaki

Ever since N and I, restarted our weekly movie nights at Salem Cinema, we've been struggling to refit a leisurely dinner out into our schedule.  We exchanged one for the other and that was not the plan.  So, for the first time in decades, we managed to squeeze both a dinner and a movie into one evening.  Nothing like an exhausting day to provide some inspiration--with help from another Salemite's blog.

A few weeks ago, Rebekah posted about her "go to" places around town (click here). Prior to finding Salem Man and his blog 3 years ago, N and I had a very short list of "go to" places. One was Love Love Teriyaki.  Okay, scratch the past tense, it's still one of our "go to" places, just not as often.  Their south location is convenient for us and they provide dependably fast, fresh, mostly healthy food.

N and I ordered our two long time favorites for dinner:  Spicy Vegetables with Chicken and Yakisoba with Beef.  We never know how spicy the first dish will be, but we never care.  It's always good.  Halfway through, the two of us switch plates, but I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to bring you a couple of extra plates if that's how you roll.

This past year, we've noticed a new menu item, Curry Rice with Chicken.   Maybe we can look forward to a little more experimentation in their kitchen.  Variety is good.

Love Love Teriyaki
Sunnyslope Shopping Center
4555 Liberty Rd. S
(503) 371-3000


jeff said...

Love this place... try and get there when I'm in the area at lunchtime.

Chuck Bradley said...

I have long believed Love Love (Liberty RD) is the best teriyaki in Salem/Keizer. I keep trying new places, many of which are good, but Love Love still reins supreme in my book. I especially like their spicy chicken. It's just tangy enough without scalding your taste buds. Mr. and Mrs. Yim personally supervise the quality and food prep. I hardily recommend this place to anyone. You will not be disappointed. (Note: There is one in Keizer which I've tried and one on Lancaster which I have not.)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see a recommendation on this place; my husband gets takeout a couple times a month from the one closest to us, which I believe is on Center Street near Target (can you tell I've never actually been inside the place?). He's a Spicy Vegetables with Beef guy, and I love the Spicy Chicken. I always pour the extra Teriyaki sauce on the chicken (great spicy/salty/sweet flavor, all together), and I love the side salad so much, sometimes I get an extra order of that (I've just about figured out the dressing to make at home, or close enough). We love Love-Love's; please, everyone go there and make sure they stay in business because we can't afford to do it all by ourselves!

Lisa Anne said...

Do you know if there is a menu online for this Love Love? I can only ever find the Love Love II.

AaronG said...

I ♥ Love Love Teriyaki! The real one, this one, is on Liberty Street and is by far the best but they are all pretty good. I think I could eat the Chicken Yakisoba every day :) I live 10 minutes away and every time they have my order ready and its still too hot to eat when I arrive home. I highly recommend U try it!!!

KandN said...

The Sunnyslope store used to have a website, but not anymore. :>(