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I've been meaning to try Church Street Pizza since the first time I heard about them.  Spontaneously, we declared the evening pizza night and decided a visit to Church Street Pizza was way past due.  When we arrived, the owner/chef Ian was busy making a pizza, but quickly helped us.  He serves pizza by the slice or by the pie.  Although the Greek pizza really caught my eye, hubby likes more traditional pizza and I was in the mood for mushrooms.  We ended up ordering a full pizza, half Hawaiian and half mushrooms.  Ian informed me he had a variety of mushrooms in the back that he bought at the Salem Saturday Market and if I didn't mind an extra minute or two, he would saute up a variety in butter and garlic and add them to the pizza.  I jumped on that offer, few things make me happier than mushroom.  As he rung us up, I asked about what he had on tap, after seeing the very recognizable Gilgamesh tap handle.  He currently has 3 taps of local Gilgamesh as well as a tap of Widmer.  

We sat down and waited, watching Ian perform a dance of dough tossing.  True to his word, Ian slipped a mix of mushrooms in butter and garlic into a pan in the pizza oven to saute, creating the most delicious aroma, which wafted through the restaurant.  Shortly, Ian delivered our pizza and plastic baskets with paper liners to use as plates.  As the red chili flakes my hubby constantly craves were on the table, we were set.  Shortly after my first bite, I fully understood the New York concept of folding a slice of pizza to eat it.  I quickly adjusted from my usual fork technique, folding my slice in half and savoring every single bite.  While we stayed true to the dividing line, hubby on his Hawaiian side and me on my mushroom side, we did each steal a bite of toppings from each other.  And boy was it hard to give up ANY of those mushrooms.  One thing to note, if you are a sauce lover, ask for extra sauce.  Our pizza was lightly sauced, which I enjoyed, but hubby wished for a little more.  

Having both missed lunch, we made short work of the pizza, leaving just one of my slices. Ian delivered a triangle 1-slice pizza box to us and we spoke for a moment about his love of local goods and how he always tries to hit the Salem Saturday Market for the freshest goods.  Although this means sometimes toppings will not be available, it also means you are getting the freshest food possible and supporting a local business that supports other local businesses.  I'm looking forward to trying the sausage, which he gets from Carlton.  And, of course, there will be mushrooms on that sausage pizza. 

Church Street Pizza
324 Church St NE Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: (503) 363-4638

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Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Becky said...

This place has great pizza.. the crust is the best in Salem in my opinion,(thin, crispy, delicious and with great flavor) and is much more casual than going to Christos.

My husband is hooked on the buffalo chicken pizza. great place. Owner is always there and super friendly and talkative.

Anonymous said...

I love this pizza. I am officially addicted. As of today I have been in 5 times in 7 days. Everything is amazing and even though I am usually more of a thick crust gal but their dough has absolutely won me over. peperoni-delicious, buffalo chicken-a revelation, margherita-absolute magic. Really, everything is great, I am eating my way through the menu. If you haven't been you should go, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and whether you take your pizza to go or decide to dine it, you won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I agree it's mine and my son's new favorite. We were just in the other day (again). I'm a thicker crust gal too, but their crust is amazing, it makes the pizza.

AMY said...

Wow, you aren't kidding. Stopped by after dropping off my ballot for my first tastes of Church Street Pizza. It was just after 1pm, and I got a slice of pig and pine, and fell for the suggestive sell of a side salad. Total: $5.00.

The side salad was perfect: buttery, leafy veggies with great flavor, two slices of cukes and toms each, and a reasoanble amount of flavorful ranch dressing. There was a little herb hint in there somewhere -- couldn't tell if it was in the greens or the dressing. YUM!

The slide of pie was perfect, a good balance between a thin crust and toppings. (EXCEPT not enough sauce, but that's a complaint I have about ALL west coast pizza. The sauce is a thin, barely-there layer. I like it SAUCEY.)

Great pies. Can't wait to order a whole one to take home some night!

Anonymous said...

lavachickie ask for extra sauce they are happy to accommodate.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the pizza here, it's very thin, crispy and delicious! If you want atmosphere go to christo's, if you want cheap and fast great pizza go here or sfny. After trying it, I prefer church st to sfny.

Anonymous said...

Making additions to the menu starting tomorrow. "Friend" Church St Salem on facebook.