Burley's Chuck Wagon & Minto Island Grower's Food Stand

What a beautiful Saturday afternoon! N and I made a trip to Saturday Market specifically for lunch and music. After a walk through to check out all of the food booths, we returned to Burley's Chuck Wagon to try their BBQ. I opted for a chicken sandwich, to compensate for the NY steak I'd eaten the night before. I was hoping for some smoke flavored chicken, but it was a fairly bland, grilled chicken breast pulled apart on a bun with mayo and some of their Carolina sauce. At least the chicken wasn't overdone and dry.
Lucky for me, N shared 2 of his ribs. They were smoky, fall off the bone delicious! Right up there with the ribs we ate at the Bite and Brew from Adam's Ribs. But N was disappointed in the sides. The tasteless biscuit was slightly underdone and the potato salad was scooped out of a tub with Reser's printed on the side.  (sigh)  Details are important in my book.  Even if it is at a booth as opposed to a restaurant.  The folk music group nearly made up for those less than exciting sides.  I hope to hear them again soon.

After a drive through Salem's beautiful agricultural area northeast of town, we turned the car south and sought out Minto Island Grower's new fruit and food stand, just off of River Road South, on Brown's Island Road, on our way home.  I can't remember if it was Salem Man or Vegan's Nightmare who told me last year that MIG were planning on putting up a food stand out south.  I've been anxiously waiting ever since--driving down Brown Island Road once a month to check on any possible progress.  And then I heard the news of their opening via Emily's, "Desperately Seeking Salem" blog.

By the time this is posted on eatsalem, their stand will be open for the final day of the season.  If you don't make it today (Saturday, 25th) be sure and check them out in the spring.  I predict their delicious smoothies, milkshakes and food will be in high demand.

3394 Brown Island Road South, Salem OR
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Anonymous said...

I ate a Burleys at the Salem Saturday Market. I couldn't disagree more with the reviewer. The beef sandwich was juicy, smokey and delicious. The ribs were juicy and fall off the bone tender. The sides while scooped out of the cartons labeled "resers" were not my focus, they were just a side. I came for the meat. It was much better than Adam's Ribs. And Adams Ribs sides aren't all that interesting or tasty. At least I know resers will be consistent.

KandN said...

Anonymous, Glad to hear the beef sandwich was good. Sounds like I should've eaten that instead of the ranch chicken sandwich.

Robert Henry said...

I have tryed all the food at Burley's Chuck Wagon and i agree the meat was very good. You guys make a big deal about the sides coming from Reser's, to this I say WHO CARES its a side not the star. You would not go to The Olive Garden and dis the bread stix that they serve you when you get there (well maybe you would) but I would not. To say the least if I owned a restaurant or food cart I would not want you to come by and start dissing my sides and not look at what should be the star of the show.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, I remember you folks, thank you for your review however, in all fairness there are a few points that need to be address and corrected. First, I like to call your attention to the photo of the chicken sandwich with the diet Dr. Pepper in the photo. The sandwich which you ordered is the Buffalo Chicken sandwhich which is not smoked, its grilled and covered in Ranch dressing and Buffalo wing sauce with lettuce not the carolina sauce which you stated. The Carolina sauce is a mustard sauce. Second, you commented about the sides in particular the potato salad. With regards to your comment I agree with you to a point, unfortunately, health code doesn't allow for a fresh made product that is mayonaise based. So to conform to health code we have to use a commerical side. While I appreciate the time and effort you took to do this review lets be honest and real about your review. So now that the record has been set straight I am looking forward to a new season in 2011.....Burly