This Week at Spoons

NW Spoons Bistro is now closed

Here are a couple of the specials that we will have this week:
Roasted Chicken in a Kalamata and Dijon Sauce with Mixed Greens,
Whole Grain Toast and a Tomato-Thyme Compote
quarter chicken 8-, half chicken 11-


Fresh Tomato Salad
with Acidic Red Wine and Olive Essence, Arugla and Grilled Baguette 4/6
Roasted Chicken in Natural Au Jus
with Creamed Spinach, Housemade Spaetzel and Herb Gremolata
quarter chicken 11-, half chicken 14
Spice Rubbed Flat Iron Steak
with Sweet Glazed Baby Carrots, Garlic Potato Wedges
and a Chipotle-Aioli Dipping Sauce 12
Amaretto Flourless Chocolate Torte, Homeade with Fresh Raspberries 5
Mondays 11am to 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 9pm
Coming Soon...
Happy Hour 4pm to 6pm
Spoons NW Bistro
4093 Commercial St | Salem | OR | 97302
503.581.7554 restaurant


DeeDeeDiner said...

Scuttlebutt I just heard is that Chef Rick Holguin is leaving Spoons NW my count that's at least four chefs since the first of the year...what on earth is happening with that place. Chef Rick was great!!

KandN said...

I wonder if it has to do with the physical environment of the restaurant? Maybe the chefs are hoping for atmosphere that enhances the dinner hour. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

As a regular diner at Spoons through all the chefs I have to agree your right, cook Rick was great! So are the recipes I'm sure he gathered from the internet! I was enjoying a meal the night he walked out of the restaurant cursing and screaming at his coworkers. I was horrified at how someone could treat another human being like that in FRONT of customers.
After all that commotion the staff and fellow customers became quickly aware of the smell of exhaust filling the restaurant and I was told later (with many apologies) from the server that the cook had his motorcycle backed to the door and let the bikes exhaust go inside while he "gunned" the engine. I say the new owners and the general public are a lot better off having someone else with more maturity handling the food. One last thing, why not mention how Spoons still has been a quality place to have a nice meal through out the staff changes? We will continue to enjoy ourselves and hope that many others will as well!

Anonymous said...

This place is not the same! New owners, same boring specials, understaffed, always FREEZING and closed early half the time. Staff is ok but not very "educated" on wine and food. I used to come in all the time with my gal pals and relied heavyly on the suggestions of the manager Casey, now that he's gone we all are driving the extra couple of miles to go to Bentleys. Get it together Spoons are you will soon be a memory of south Salem dining!