Smokin Swine BBQ Coming (Back) Soon

Smokin Swine is long gone

UPDATE 9/13/2010:

Hog's Holler Newsletter #2
BBQ Lovers,

Wow! The response to us re-opening has been overwhelming and exciting.
After many hours of thoughtful deliberation and looking to our spiritual source for direction, Kathy and I have decided to open a small BBQ joint as well as having the BBQ wagon out and about. 
A property manager approached us on a possible site and we have begun negotiations. The new joint will allow Kathy and one or maybe two employees to eventually take over the daily operations ( I will oversee the smoking of all meats). When my custom built BBQ wagon arrives, hopefully in early spring, I will hit the streets. The wagon will allow me to explore places like Woodburn, Stayton, Silverton, Dallas, the Monmoth area as well as attend festivals, fairs, public events and private parties. I cannot reveal the exact location of the new joint, but I can tell you it is near downtown with a wonderful BBQ ambiance. Our plan, as of now, is to be up and running by mid December or the first of the year. 
Things are looking great for the future and we can hardly wait for the re-opening of our dream.
Any and all feedback is encouraged.
Thank You all again for your faithful and enthusiastic support!!!!!!!
Ken & Kathy Pickett 

I just received an update from Ken Pickett regarding the future of Smokin Swine BBQ:
Hog's Holler Newsletter #1
August 19, 2010
My first time back was a huge success, thanks to the many people who came for pulled pork sandwiches at the Steam Up in Brooks, Oregon. This local event gave me a chance to see if my style of BBQ is still in demand. The results are in and are a overwhelming "YES"! Now I can move forward with the new Smokin Swine concept.
I felt I was losing control of the situation when we had the restaurant venue. As some of you know I opened a second location in Bend, and things got out of hand. This time around I am going to look at either a concession truck and tow a smoker or a concession trailer with a smoker on board and set-up at different locations around the city, catering and events. Either way I hope to be back making Smokin Swine BBQ in the next few months.
Thanks for your enthusiastic support.
Ken Pickett
smokinsinebbq1 at aol dot com

That's pretty freakin' good news!


Matt Neznanski said...

Hey, do I hear that Salem could be getting a bbq food cart? That's a trend worth starting.

leyla said...

Yay! So excited!

Anonymous said...

Best news! So looking forward to getting my hands on some Smokin Swine eats again soon! Thanks Ken!


Jen F said...

Here's hoping he'll pull his wagon over to Bend from time to time. Baldy's got nothing on Smokin' Swine...

Chuck Bradley said...


Please keep us posted. I missed the Steam Up event. I sure would have come had i known about it!

Anonymous said...

Ken, remember Pastor Tommy who ate at Smokin' Swine all the time? I cannot wait to tell him it's coming back...he was so down when we told him you'd closed. And us? We are LICKIN OUR LIPS ALREADY! Besides the fantastic BBQ (best I've ever tasted and DEFINITELY better than anything in the offing in Salem currently!) we have missed the genuine friendliness you and your lovely wife have always shown our family. We will BE there believe me. Congratulations and may your new venture be blessed beyond belief. Steve and Neita and boys

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your new place to open up. There are so few places here in Salem that satisfy my southern appetite and take care of my food-allergy boy. You were always so kind, generous and understanding of your customer's needs. i hope this means i'll also get to enjoy your incredible feast at next year's Renaissance Feast at St. Paul's!! My family and I hope for your success and we'll be watching for your opening with great anticipation.