Prudence Uncorked - Take Your Dog to Dinner this Saturday!

Prudence UncorkedOur guests know we love to have their four legged friends visit our outdoor seating area any time! But this Saturday, August 21, we’re serving up our famous doggie stew and canine cocktails FREE for ANY donation you make to the Willamette Humane Society! And as an additional enticement --- live classic rock performed outside by Third Time Around! Regular appetizer, cocktail, and dinner service also available indoors or out, with or without the pooch!

Happy Hour starts at 4:30; dinner service at 5:30; pats on the head available round the clock.

Tracy Fjeseth | Co-Owner
Prudence Uncorked
325 High Street SE
Pringle Park Plaza
Salem, OR 97301


DeeDeeDiner said...

This may be old news, but I just heard that the Prudence Uncorked Chef Jesse Tomaino is now working at Vault 244 in Albany. Can anyone confirm? (If it's true, does anyone have info as to who took over at Prudence Uncorked?)

KandN said...

Yes, the co-owners of Prudence Uncorked were sad to see Jesse go, but were happy that Vault 244 offered him a new opportunity and outlet for his abilities. And after a long search for a new chef, they are delighted to announce that there is indeed a new face in Ms. Prudie’s kitchen! Mujib Simms, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of New Orleans with 20 years of experience in delightful dining establishments, has arrived and promises to add an exciting new mix of classical and trendy taste adventures to the menu.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Cody Martin. I was the first chef at Vault 244! I just wanted to let the community know that I worked very hard to put the Vault on the map. It is so nice to see another chef come in and ride the coat tails of another! GOOD LUCK chef Tomaino!! YOUR GONNA NEED IT!!!