Oregon State Fair 2010

Sling Shot

Stihl Slideshow at the Oregon State Fair

Here's the first Youtube from a concert at the fair. This is ZZ Top performing Sharp Dressed Man. Not bad.

The Oregon State Fair starts today! Yippee! Thanks to some local Tweeters, you can enjoy the fair vicariously from your own computer or smart phone in real time. The following widget is a collection of folks that are walking around the fairgrounds, doing fair stuff, so you don't have to. Actually they're hoping you get so excited reading their tweets, that you rush over there and join them.

Going to the fair in real life can be a lot of fun too. Just be careful because this place can be a serious money drain if you don't have a good strategy going in. The first thing to know is that they have lots of discounts. Click here to see daily specials. If you have kids that like rides, I highly suggest going on the days that they sell $26 unlimited wristbands.(Aug. 31 and Sept. 1) Nothing's worse then having to spend $3-$5 per child for a brief smash up on the bumper cars. Most Salem parents are experts on this fair and know that when you walk through the front door, go straight through like you have blinders on. Walk toward the farm animals at the back of the fair. Do the rides last if you can. It's hard to convince a child to go see baby pigs when their staring at the dizzying sites of a carnival. There are lots of fun free activities to do at the fair, here's some links.
Sports and Recreation
Lastly, go local on the food and drink and take pictures. They have an "Oregon Buffet" this year which is food made with only Oregon ingredients. Yum! Now that's something you won't be able to taste through Twitter. I guess I'll actually have to go. See you there, I'll be by the baby pigs on Wed.

Food and fun is what the Oregon State Fair is all about. That means rides, farm animals and greasy fair food. As always, send us some pics of your eats from this years fair and we will post them right here. eatsalem@gmail.com. We'll monitor youtube for videos and post live cams when we can. This year the headliner is ZZ Top. It should be wild watching the bearded trio from Texas take the stage in Salem. I wonder if these sharp dressed men will be spotted dining in town. I'm guessing if they are not sleeping in the tour bus they will be put up at the Grand Hotel. Probably eating at least once at Bentley's. If any of the band's handlers are reading this, tell the guys to meet us in the basement of Venti's for a tweetup before the show. Just DM @RobMcguire.

Actually, I just did a Twitter search and I don't think they have an account but I did find some cool pics.
She got legs!

Here's one of the guys from the band, Dusty Hill, strolling around what looks like a fairground. I wonder if this was one of those "take your daughter to work" days. Ooops, I guess after saying that he won't want to meet up with us for a drink and a Moroccan Chicken Wrap.

The Oregon State Fair runs from Friday, August 27th to September 6th. The official website is right here.


Anonymous said...

You do know that's Billy F. Gibbons and his wife Gilligan right? http://hipcelebrity.blogspot.com/2009/03/billy-gibbons-of-zz-top-with-his-wife.html

Salem Man said...

Wow, it took two days to catch that one. That's the last time I trust twitpic comments for my facts. I find it kind of funny that I got it wrong, so I'm not going to correct it in the post. Thanks for the fact check. If Billy and his lovely wife want to join the eatsalem.com crowd, we'll be at Jonathan's on Thursday night at 7p. Dusty and that other guy are welcome to come too.

Anonymous said...

When is the fair the least crowded....what time and day

KandN said...

Probably Monday, the first part of the day.

Anonymous said...

Be careful which day you go. I wouldn't recommend this Monday as it is part of the Carnival Discount Days;

This one is extremly popular. People line up way before the fair even opens.

Les Schwab Tires Kids Day, Monday August 30 - 50% Off All Rides & Game Packages!
All kids ages 0-11 will receive FREE admission on Monday August 30, 2010 from 10 am to 5 pm with a coupon from any Les Schwab Tires store in Oregon.

Tilt-a-Whirl Tuesday, August 31 - Wristband Ride Day - two sessions!

Wristband Wednesday, September 1 - Wristband Ride Day - day session only.
Check the website for more discount days @ http://www.oregonstatefair.org/big-deals/special-days-and-discounts

Anonymous said...

Gamberetti's is giving a nice discount to dine at their restaurant if you show your State Fair ticket stub. Since it's just down the street from the fairgrounds, it's a nice idea if you don't want to overspend on less than amazing food at the fair!


Chuck Bradley said...

Had my annual Pronto Pup (not to be confused with Corn Dog) fix at the fair today. Of the two places I found serving them, Bud’s Burgers offering was by far the better. (Also discovered that Bud Gillette, the Bud in Bud's Burgers, and I were classmates at OSU) I've been a Pronto Pup junkie for 60 years. There are two other places (one confirmed and one rumored) to find them in the state. The first is in Otis, just east of Lincoln City and the other is some place in Seaside.

The livestock and art exhibits seemed way down this year. We never did find the floral arrangement exhibits, if there were any.

That slingshot ride would have wound my crank when I was a teenager. Now, not so much. :-)

The crowds are a pain and the hike is long. But It's only once a year and, for many of us, if only briefly, a glimpse of simpler, happier times.

Anonymous said...

I had fun at the fair but was so sad when I went to Casey's Hotdogs to get a Corn dog which I thought would be hand dipped and it was just a frozen one that they deep fried. I thought Casey's would have better quality. I could have gotten that at Circle K. To bad!

Anonymous said...

When is the least crowded time to visit the fair? One person asked this but got ignored.

Is it on the weekdays when they first open up? Is a good strategy to go in the mornings then leave at at 11:00am to rest then come back in the evening?

KandN said...

Hi Anonymous,
I see that I answered that question and would answer almost the same now, except I'd add: weekdays are best and the earlier the better.