Monday Dinner at Marco Polo

With such busy weekend hours, some restaurants close on Mondays. Thankfully, Marco Polo is not one of them. While they have a lot on their various menus, we'd decided on Chinese food.

We met another couple there and had the usual discussion around Chinese food:

Person 1: "How do you want to do this, shall we each order our own food, or should we all order something to share?"

Person 2: "Why don't we all get something to share?"

Person 3 and Person 4: "Yeah, that sounds good. Let's do that"

Then we all sort of laughed as we wondered -- who ever does anything else?

We decided on some pot stickers to start. They arrived more quickly than we expected, which was good since we were all pretty hungry. Our server brought a small dish of something I first thought was soy sauce. As it turns out it was nicely salty, but also had a bit of a sweet tinge to it as well -- not like a true sweet & sour sauce, but something better. The pot stickers themselves were hot and nicely browned.

We'd had just enough time to polish off the 6 potstickers amongst the four of us, when our entrees arrived.

Garlic Green Beans and Chicken

Broccoli and Beef

Double-Cooked Pork

Garlic Prawns in Black Bean Sauce

And it was nice that the server gave us a choice of brown steamed rice!

Everything was tasty, the drinks were refilled promptly and with a smile, the company was good and the conversation was lively -- and as if all that were not enough, we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

We couldn't have asked for more!

~ Keith


Pam said...

I keep hearing about Marco Polo and it sounds like you loved their Chinese food. Have you tried their European menu? Last time we were there it seemed as if the European entrees that we ordered were common items from our grocer's freezer, fried or baked, then slapped on a plate. I'd like to go back (for more than Chinese) but am reluctant to spend the money on something that I wouldn't buy for a quick unsatisfying dinner at home. Please tell me we just had a bad experience? How is the rest of their menu?

Anonymous said...

This is hands down my favorite restaurant. Everything is very very fresh, ample use of veggies, tender meats, big vegetarian menu, best brown rice in the universe (is actually a mix of several colors so appears purplish) good desserts and teas. I also really appreciate their sensitivity in dealing with allergy issues, they are some of the only people I have ever seen develop a gluten free menu. Everyone serving is very friendly and the everytime I get my food there before I can stop myself I always say "WOW, that was so fast!"