Localvores Delight

This is from Stephen Perkins at Cascade Baking Company

Cascade Baking Company is proud to begin using stone ground organic whole wheat flour grown here in the Willamette Valley. The wheat grain is grown just 30 minutes from Salem, in Tangent. The growers, Greenwillow Farms, have converted their rye grass farm into bread flour wheat. Traditionally wheat grown in the Willamette Valley is soft wheat, used for pastas. Hard wheat, used for breads, typically do not grow here due to the wet growing seasons. Greenwillow Farms have been working with different hard wheat grains to finds varieties that work.

Greenwill farms has been successful in their growing and produce limited quantities of hard red winter wheat (perfect for breads). The farm mills the grain on site with a stone mill. Here at Cascade Baking Company we make one bread from this flour, Willamette Valley Wheat bread. Our attempt at making this bread is to capture the terroir, or geographical conditions that characterizes this wheat. In doing so we use only three ingredients in making this bread, Greenwillow Farms organic wheat flour, water, and sea salt.

Willamette Valley Wheat bread is made daily Monday through Friday. The bread is a 2 lb. loaf, selling for $5.80. Cascade Baking Company is located at 229 State Street, downtown Salem. Phone number is 503 589 0491. Please call to reserve a loaf.


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

The Willamette Valley Wheat is very good!

Anonymous said...

Only 3 ingredients! Impressive... In my experience it's tough to make a good loaf of bread without any yeast or other starter. But ok.

The local wheat sounds great.