LIMEberry, Frozen Yogurt and Espresso

by Lisa Anne
LIMEberry, frozen yogurt and espresso just opened down the street from me. It was a fairly quiet opening down in the Beanery's old spot, near the Sunnyslope Roths' in South Salem.

This small cafe's interior has a bit of a cute retro vibe with bright lime green IKEA chairs and white square tables. The place was spotless, though a little confusing on entrance. I walked in to see a wall of soft-serve ice cream dispensers and the seating area. I wasn't sure if it was self-serve so I went up to the counter where a very helpful woman told us we could fill up a container (they have 3 sizes) and she would charge us $0.40 an ounce for the yogurt and toppings.

I counted around 8 flavor choices (room for 10) and 24 toppings, ranging from chocolate chips to gummy worms, to nerds, to crushed butterfingers. They also serve Alan Bros coffee. It was a bit warm and I was more in the mood for yogurt.

Overall, I thought this place was pretty cool...could have more though and from the looks of the website, they will start selling more than just yogurt, coffee, and Umpqua Oats eventually. LIMEberry feels like it was started by a first time restaurant owner. I hope they do well. Ever since the Beanery left this space, I've been hoping a small coffee shop would open up here.

BTW, I'm wondering if pinkberry , from the show Gossip Girl, was any influence on LIMEberry...?
Sunnyslope Shopping Center
4555 Liberty Rd S Ste 370
Salem, OR

Hours: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m weekdays, ? a.m. - 9 p.m. weekends
Prices: ~$5.00 person


Anonymous said...

I was told by the folks at the Mail Depot (at the corner of Skyline & Liberty) that this is the person who had the coffee cart in their parking lot. The cart is gone, the owner expanded the menu and is now at Sunnyslope Shopping Center.

Lise M said...

@Anonymous I can totally see that. It didn't seem like they had enough product to fill the space and them coming from a coffee cart would make sense.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Anne, I don't see anything in the review about the taste of the actual yogurt. Was it good? What kind of frozen yogurt, ie fat free, sugar free, low fat etc?


Anonymous said...

Son-in-law of the actual owners here. Chairs are actually from Target believe it or not. Tables were physically made by the owner. Also they opened this weekend as a sort of a "test run" even though they had not advertised that. They are working out kinks and getting a feel for the business. I know, it is a bit confusing once you enter... We are convincing them to make a big bright sign above the cups and such to help people quickly understand what to do. Also, The yogurt is VERY good, (I personally like the peanut butter and some fat free vanilla along with some choice toppings such as crushed rees's peanut butter cups and chocolate syrup!) They have fat free, sugar free, and DAIRY FREE! that is a hard thing to come by, but since their daughter is allergic, they got the dairy free option.

Anonymous said...

Hours of operation as of what I know.

7 a.m. - 9 p.m weekdays
? a.m. - 9 p.m. weekends

Lise M said...

Thanks for the info! And yes, signage would be great. I didn't know some yogurts were fat free and some were not. I did like the addition of the sorbet. I had forgotten about the dairy free option.

I had the peanut butter and the chocolate mixed. It wasn't out of this world good, but it tasted like frozen yogurt should.

Thank you so much for the hours of operation!!!

Anonymous said...

LIMEberry was great! The yogurt is good, the space is clean, and the owners are responsive to any suggestions or feedback. Such a refreshing new place to socialize in Salem, and judging by the high traffic all weekend, I think the rest of Salem feels the same way. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I stopped in this afternoon---the pleasant woman (who seemed to be the owner) greeted me, explained they were newly open and helped me sort out the process. They were having some issues with the freezing machines, but that should smooth out with time. They charge $00.40 per ounce which mounts up surprisingly teensy cup portion of yoghurt-only/no toppings was $1.10. Flavor was fine, consistency similar to the old soft-serve cream.Nice addition to Sunnyslope.

Anonymous said...

Went there around 6pm today. As everyone else has said it was a little confusing going in... but there is a sign that says, "Start Here" by the cups. The cup size seems a little off... big difference between small and medium. The chocolate non fat frozen yogurt was ok. The topping selection average...some were not labeled and not easily figured out, but the worker was helpful. All in all it was a good experience. The only small irritation was the tip bowl by the register. It's a serve-yourself place and not sure tips are appropriate... but that's just me I guess. I'd go back for more if I was in the area.

leyla said...

Frozen yogurt hits Salem... This is (I think) the third fro-yo place to open in the last month. I liked the one over on Lancaster, I'll have to try this one out.

Chuck Bradley said...

It seems about 10 or 15 years ago, frozen yogurt shops pitched their tents and, then as quickly, folded them here in Salem. This place has created the perfect marriage of hot and cold, coffee and yogurt! I sampled their fat free vanilla with chocolate syrup and Butterfinger bar sprinkles. Oh mercy! They have 6 or 8 flavors of yogurt and a profusion of toppings. I didn't do the Espresso, but the idea is appealing. Open early (7AM) for your morning caffeine fix and until 9PM for an after dinner dessert. Check 'em out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It was mid-80's that frozen yogurt was the hot new thing in Salem. The Yogurt Grove opened downtown where Vernon's Jewelers is now. There were lines down the block. It was a 20 minute was for a dish. Of course they didn't have all the candy toppings the places have now.

My kids like these joints but I go cautiously as it is really easy to rack up 1000+ calories if you hit the candy toppings. Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode about frozen yogurt?

Good luck to this new small business!