Is it time Salem?

Salemites, below you'll find the first part of a post from a blog I discovered after the owner commented on  my own blog. "Farmer Brewing" is asking for some input. Click on the link below to share your thoughts.

"I recently commented on a Salem Blog called What’s Up With That after the author had discussed the lack of local brewpubs in downtown Salem. I know what your thinking, McMennamins has two locations in Salem and The Ram is right across from Willamette University so why would Salem need more breweries? However, let’s face it, these establishments are both chains. Don’t get me wrong, I like McMennamins a lot and while The Ram can make good beer I’ve always had my druthers about their food and atmosphere. Really, it comes down to the fact that Salem really doesn’t have it’s own brewpub. Oregon has the largest number of breweries per capita in the country and the Willamette Valley is pretty much the beer capital of the world. So why is it that Salem is a brewery dead zone? ...."  (to read the entire post, click here)


Capital Taps said...

(Nice graphic choice!)

Farmbrewer fellow has comments plugged up in the mod queue! We'll repeat our thoughts:

Waterfront! Salem needs tasty beer on the waterfront! Riverfront Park/Boise Project needs a pub. Whether the zoning and whatnot would permit one is entirely another question. And indeed the time-frame might be wrong on that development. Maybe the warehouses on the north of the Union St RR Bridge? And as you say the historic buildings downtown.

The DA White building (identified in another post as a candidate) could be excellent depending on a few things.

Excellent idea not to focus on the hop bomb and extreme IPA. Plenty of folks mining that territory very well already.

Keep brainstorming & ruminating!

KandN said...

CT, I couldn't resist adding that graphic. I can imagine it painted on the side of one of our old buildings downtown. :)
Isn't the DA White bldg owned by Margaret Furlong? I remember hearing that, when the site for the condos next door was being prepared and the structure suffered some damage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mod queue, working as a brewer is always a lot of work. Wow I didn't expect so much of a response I guess I should have know that there would be a lot of people that want this. The DA White Bldg did suffer a lot of damage which I think is a shame, I'm not so sure such upscale condos in downtown Salem was such a good idea, but that is another conversation. Thanks for mentioning my blog post here.

KandN said...

You're welcome, cockera! I wanted to get a good discussion going and looking at the comments on your blog, I'd say you did.

jeff said...

You know guys... you want it, put down your own hard cash to start it.

Whining that someone else oughta be doing something makes you sound like Trader Joe fans or something.