Meetup at Jonathan's

It was great seeing all the folks out last night at Jonathan's. The conversations were so lively, I only had a chance to take a couple of pictures before we started digging into the nicely prepared meals. The first one is my order, the Hot Seafood Salad. Jonathan's knows how to cook seafood, the scallops in this thing just melted in my mouth. I leaned over and got a shot of Sushi Cat's order of Seafood Nachos. This was huge and covered with shrimp. I think SC is going to have leftovers for at least a week. If anyone else has pics from their meal I can post them if you send them to me via email. Did anyone notice State Representative and restaurateur Kevin Cameron having dinner at the table behind us? I always wonder how many of the restaurant industry big shots know about our little blog here. Until next time, happy eating Salem.

Posted 8/25/10
The gang is getting together Thursday night at 7pm at Jonathan's on High St. downtown to talk restaurants and blogging or whatever. Anyone is welcome to come down and say hello and have a drink or bite with us. is a loose affiliation of folks who like to talk about local food.
The blog started out in June of '07 with just one blogger, Salem Man(me) and one reader, KandN(actually that's 2). It has since grown into a community effort in Salem with almost 500 readers a day and 25 contributors. We have always said, more voices will better reflect the reality of the restaurants here in Salem, giving the reader a clearer picture of where to eat.
When people ask why we do this, the answer is easy. It's fun. We are constantly discovering new restaurants in areas of town where we might not normally travel. It has opened up a line of communication between restaurant owners and patrons. Most importantly, it has connected neighbors(literally) and formed friendships.
That's why we're meeting at Jonathan's Thursday. So we can get to know each other better and enjoy the waning days of summer '10.  See you there.

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tracylee said...

I had a great time! And yes, those nachos are going to last us a long time. At least I finally clarified that she accidentally brought me the regular size instead of the small that I'd ordered! It'd be scary if that was the small, LOL.