Bite and Brew Stats

For the folks out there that like numbers here's some Bite and Brew stats that we collected. First, here's the results from the penny poll:
Word of Mouth 46
Red Robin 34
Wild Pear 26
Adam's 26
Northern Lights 25
McGrath's 21
Best Little Roadhouse 21
Willamette Noodle Co. 20
Marco Polo 20
Jonathan's 19
Padington's 19
Original Roadhouse 19
La Perla 18
La Capitale 17
Straight From New York Pizza 17
Venti's 17
Red Lobster 16
Coldstone 15
Izzy's 15
Christo's 13
Busick's 13
Bentley's 13
Willamette Burger Co. 11
La Hacienda 11
Konditorei 11
Kwan's 10
Love Love 9
Annette's 9
Thai Orchid 8
Morton's 8
India Palace 7
Blue Willow 7
It's All Good BBQ 7
Belgique Waffles 7
There's a bunch of other's with less then 7 votes. If you'd like to know how a particular restaurant did, send me an email at In my own analysis, there's more to these numbers. First off, local restaurants did well. That's really good considering the size and amount of advertising done by the larger chains. Newer restaurants did not fare well because many people at the booth told us that they hadn't eaten at some of these restaurants yet. There were a good variety of restaurants getting votes. I take that as we have a growing number of good restaurants.

About 700 people participated in the raffle. There were 44 winners. had two days in a row, Friday and Saturday, with over 700 "unique visitors"

Thanks to everyone who helped out at our booth. The Bite and Brew was a huge success for us.

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