Bite and Brew Continues

Some of you are waking up from your night of partying at Riverfront park, ears still ringing, wondering where you got that raffle ticket in your pocket with this web address written on it. Let me fill in the blanks. You stopped by the booth at the Bite and Brew. You signed up for a raffle to win gift certificates to some awesome restaurants. Hold on to that ticket. There is a drawing tonight at the end of the Bite. We will post the winners on this site when we get back from the event. If you remember stopping by our booth, search your pockets for a blue raffle ticket that could be worth some money. Take that ticket and put it next o your computer for later.

Let me try to help fill in some more blanks about last night. Yes, you saw a Neil Diamond cover band that was playing Rush. Those three awesome sliders you got were from Willamette Burger Co. The jumbalaya you ate was from Jonathan's. Your fingers are still sticky because you had some ribs at Adam's. If you still have chocolate all over the side of your face, you went to Coldstone. You will need to apologize to your designated driver because you probably spilled a cup of French Press coffee all over their back seat. Your hangover is courtesy Gilgamesh.

If you're waking up with an shirt on, you must have either gotten cold and thought that it would help reduce the chills(thanks for the $10) or you helped out at our booth. If you helped out last night, thank you very much. I hope you had as much fun as I had. is a growing community of folks in town that like to get together online to talk about what's happening with the restaurants here, among other things. Please feel free to post comments on this site and join the fun. Send me some feedback or just say hello at See you again today at the bite.
Sunday schedule:
Sunday, August 1: 11am - 6pm
11:30am to 6pm - Carnival Opens. All day all ride wristbands - $20
Noon - 5:30 pm Live Music in Beer Garden
Don Pancho Stage:
2pm 2-time Female Blues Artist of the Year Janiva Magness
4pm Curtis Salgado


Anonymous said...

Hello Was At the Bite Had some really good food and got to try somthin new and we like the pic of us on the site from saturday

Anonymous said...

Alot Of the places i noticed doesnt do chemeketa student discounts just thought i would shoot that idea out there because i am a student i love good food i just cant always afford it i might if they did student discounts
thank you

Chuck Bradley said...

I attended both Saturday and Sunday. Had some good eats and heard some very good music. I have to say the Javina Magness (Blues singer) show was worth ten times the two $3 suggested contributions! I know this is a food site, and there was plenty of that, but I just had to say that. She really knocked me out!

K&N Hope the Eatsalem both got lots of exposure. It looked like it did.

Unknown said...

The day that we can develop all beers that are hangover-free, is the day we hit the jackpot! If only! :)

It was a great weekend and we appreciate everyone coming out, including the spectators, restaurants, of course all of you at! The organizers have done a great job changing the event and we're already looking forward to even more changes for next year!

Finally had a chance to come over and chat on Sunday - it was great meeting Rebekah! We hope you found it worthwhile!