Apizza has closed

Once voted eatsalem.com Restaurant of the Year, Apizza in Stayton has closed down for good. This is from their press release:
The company said that although it had been marginally profitable since opening, the $4 gas crunch followed by the general recession made the last two years difficult. “Stayton has been hit hard by the recession, and it’s too bad because this is a wonderful town in which to do business,” said Steve Robinson, one of Apizza’s owners.
The business was not profitable enough to support its two owners, and “frankly, we’re just burned out,” Robinson’s business partner Shannon Tureck said. “We had some fun and we enjoyed meeting a lot of new friends. We hate to see it go, but it was time,” he said.


Alissa said...

Those of us who work in downtown Stayton & enjoyed having lunch there are very sad to see them go. It's definitely a big loss for Stayton. :o(

Unknown said...

I loved this place, but it's not hard to see why
Stayton could not support it. Move Apizza to central Salem or Silverton and I think it could
consistently well.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if they were open weekends I would have tried this place, but there hours didn't work for someone not in Stayton

Anonymous said...

agreed. so many times we wanted pizza on a Saturday from them but no go. I understand needing time off but they should've chosen different days to be closed.

Chuck Bradley said...

Anon and Anon, I too have rolled up front here only to be greeted by a closed sign on a weekend. Our experiences spark speculation as to wheather their fate may have been different had they chosen other closed days. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were probably their biggest fans. But even we were irritated that they weren't open on the weekends. That's pretty much the kiss of death for anything but a hotdog stand.

I will definitely miss them. But between the location and hours, I don't see how it could have made it.

Stinks, because now we'll have to really travel to find any decent pizza.

Anonymous said...

A major bummer when I saw the closed sign on this place.

I agree with other posters, the location and hours made this one a tough one to stay open.

I'm not sure how the owners thought they would make it with the Stayton lunch crowd and dinners. For us, the first sign things were going downhill was when they converted the front of the restaurant to a gambling room. I hate to say it but their pizza was probably a bit much for the local crowd. (Ugo's around the corner is more Stayton-style.)

We'll miss this place. One of the few bright spots in an otherwise barren Stayton restaurant scene.