Silver Grille - Silverton

Sometimes there's no substitute for a good cliche. Especially when it's true. Three times N and I have mulled over driving out to Silverton for date night. Twice we talked ourselves out of "that long drive" at 6:30 PM after a day of work, but the third time was the charm. Maybe it's the time of year, but the drive east through the lush, agricultural fields was refreshing and relaxing. How does that song go? Amber waves of grain? Yes! That's it exactly!
We were immediately greeted as we stepped into the intimate and handsome bar area of Silver Grille. What caught my eye? The tap for 2 (yes! two!) Seven Brides beer varieties. Good to see one local business supporting another. We were taken to a table for two with nice natural lighting for photographing our food. Funny the things that have become important to me after participating in this blog.
After browsing their menu, instead of soup or salad I wanted to check out their Oregonzola bruschetta and speidini for our first course. It wasn't difficult to get N's approval. He decided on the Shrimp Scampi for his main course and I chose Rockfish Piccata over Heirloom Rice Pilaf, all from the July menu.
Both of our shared "first courses" were delicious. The Gorgonzola Bruschetta had so many wonderful flavors going on--the Oregonzola Cheese, herbs, hazelnuts--all grilled/toasted together on slices of a sourdough baquette. The Kurobota Pork Spiedini was tender and flavorful, laid atop squash cut like slender egg noodles, tossed with a pesto vinaigrette. It was a wonderful combination and would make a nice light dinner all by itself. There was a fresh and bright (perhaps citrus?) quality to the vinaigrette that made it difficult to stop eating--until it was gone, of course.
The first few bites of my rockfish piccata had a tender, creamy quality. I enjoyed the melange of flavors during my first several bites, but about half way through, the fish fillet had a stronger taste which dominated the dish. It wasn't bad, I just enjoyed the first half more. The vegetables, which I believe were chard, carrots, and mushrooms were outstanding, as well as the rice pilaf. I loved the nutty texture of the heirloom rice.
N savored and lingered over each bite of his Shrimp Scampi. He especially enjoyed the addition of fresh tomatoes and spinach to the dish.
A suggestion was made that we give their creme brulee a try: "he makes it with fresh farm eggs", she tempted. It was slightly different than the creme brulee we shared at La Capitale, but equal as far as the delectableness goes. The most notable difference between the two was the caramel topping. N preferred La Cap's and while I'd hate to have to choose between the two, I loved the stronger caramel flavor of Silver Grille's.
My first selfish thought after eating our dinner was that we need to talk owner/chef Jeff into coming to Salem. I think it would be wonderful if we could add another wonderful eatery to the other side of High Street. Although, I have my doubts that Silverton would let us get away with stealing this gem of a cafe.

Hours:  Wed.-Sun. 4 - 9:30 PM
206 East Main St.
Silverton, OR
503 873-8000
Reservations are suggested due to limited seating


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's possible I'm wrong, but I believe the correct term for how the squash was cut is julienned.

Anonymous said...

It looks and sounds amazing! I see they have a website @

KandN said...

Ah, thank you for the info, anon #1.
Anon #2, Yes, you're right. If a restaurant has a website, we will usually link to it within the body of the post, like you'll find above. Sometimes I'll instruct the reader to "click here", but if I don't, look for the underlined text that's usually in a different color. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Had dinner at the Silver Grille a few nights ago....All I can say is WOW! Such a wonderful atmosphere, the staff was incredibly friendly and really on top of their game. This is secondary of course to the food, best meal of my life hands down! Don't miss this place.