Set up

And ready to go at the Bite and Brew


Anonymous said...

Went to Bite and Brew, it was raining but hey we live in Oregon right? I tried two restaurants that I hadn't been to before Adam's Ribs and Willamette Burger Company. I thought the food was great though the amount of food for the price was not a good value. We got a super tiny but very tasty burger for 3.00. This burger bun was basically a dinner roll. We tried the Hush Puppies from Adam's Ribs and they were quite good.

We stopped by the Eat Salem booth and entered the raffle.

I am glad that more local restaurants were there. I only saw two chains Pizza Hut and Panda Express.

KandN said...

I'm glad you stopped in at the booth! There are some nice gift certificates thanks to several of our generous, area restaurants.
That rain was a little crazy. Glad it ended quickly!
N and I, had some delicious jambalaya and clam chowder from Jonathan's, finger licking good BBQ from Adam's Ribs, and some of those amazing tots from Willamette Burger Co. Good eats, plus we heard some good music.

Liseanne said...

There was another chain there...Cold Stone. But as we don't have a local ice cream place, it fit right in where it was needed. It would have been cool if someone was serving Umpqua or Tillamook ice cream instead however.

Janet said...

You know even though Coldstone is a national brand, they are locally owned AND operated (which is the key word when you are talking about franchises, IMHO) by a really hard-working (& NICE) couple that are in their stores, making the product and donating a TON to local groups.

So YES... support local over chains please, but keep in mind they are more of a local operation that happens to carry a national brand.

KandN said...

Having owners who live in and support their community is key. Salem is lucky to have so many community involved business owners. :)