Dining Al Fresco at Flight Deck

I like to take advantage of my summer vacation by being the Lady Who Lunches. That's my summer alter ego. I get together with friends and try to find outdoor dining as often as possible. It's a great way to spend the summer!

Incidentally, I ended up at The Flight Deck for lunch on a sunny summer day. The temperature was just right for eating outside, so I met @MnLs on the patio. She had picked one of the four tables out on the patio which sits above the Salem Airport's field and runway. Neither of us had ever eaten lunch there (I've have breakfast and drinks, she hadn't ever been before), so we took our time looking over the menu. The service was prompt and very friendly. I chose a regular ol' club sandwich on sourdough, which I had been craving, and she ordered the vegetarian sandwich option on dark rye. I love that they have a good variety of breads to choose from. There was a choice of sides to go with the sandwiches which included soup, salad, and tater tots. I stuck with french fries, but @MnLs got the tots. We both ordered a mixed drink to sip on as we enjoyed the sun and watched the planes taxi to and fro. The weather was perfect, and we were mostly in the shade, thanks to the large table umbrella. Most of the outdoor tables stayed full during our time so it looks like you have to get there at the right time to get an outdoor spot on a nice day.

Our two servers kept our water glasses full and were very attentive in asking if we wanted another drink. Maybe a little more than required, actually, which made me wonder if a lot of people go to the Flight Deck to drink adult beverages. Or perhaps we just looked like we needed them.

Soon our sandwiches arrived. The portions were hearty, the fries and tots were crispy, and both of us thought our sandwiches were extremely well made and tasty. I meant to only eat half my large club sandwich, but ended up eating the entire thing!

There was only one time during the meal that we had to stop chatting for a minute as a plane geared up for take-off, which was kind of fun to watch anyway, so we didn't mind too much. Other than that, the atmosphere was pleasant and the food was good. The service was very good too, but actually a little over attentive at times, which interrupted our conversation more than the planes. At many restaurants, I find that the outdoor dining section seems to be forgotten. Not so at the Flight Deck. Perhaps because most of their patrons were seated outside. Overall, it was a delightful meal and I would definitely go back for lunch with a friend on another sunny, summer day.

M-F 11AM - 9PM
Sat & Sun 8AM - 9PM

2680 Aerial Way SE
Salem, OR

Phone: 503-581-5721 (Reservations accepted, recommended for Friday nights and Holidays)


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