Word of Mouth to Open Seven Days a Week

News just came in that the Eat Salem Restaurant of the Year, Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro(they also won the SJ Best Breakfast and Best Undiscovered[undiscovered only to SJ readers]) will be serving customers on Mondays. Word of Mouth will also be discontinuing their dinner service, allowing the owners, Becky and Steve Mucha, to focus on their breakfast and lunch menus. The change begins today. Here's a copy and paste from an email sent from the restaurant.

The good news is -- we're now open on Mondays!
The bad news is -- we're no longer open for dinner.
The good news is -- we can concentrate on stellar breakfasts and lunches!
The bad news is -- we found a recipe for Spam waffles.
The good news is-- we don't have room for a waffle maker!
The bad news.... ends here.
We're excited to be just a breakfast and lunch bistro. We have the best employees in town, but there is no comparison for the quality of food and service that you, our customers, get when we, the owners are here, on premise, building your omelet or pouring your coffee or wishing you a good day as you leave. That is part of what sets us apart from other places and we are very proud and even protective of that. The time and energy it takes to make our from-scratch items makes it impossible for us to work all three meals, so sadly...bye bye dinner. But the good news is--- we really didn't find a recipe for Spam waffles.

Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro
140 17th st. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301


KandN said...

I'm so sad we won't have WOM as a choice for dinner, but I'm glad Becky and Steve are doing what's best for their business and themselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!! I'm so sad they will not be open for dinner. We have so few choices in our neighborhood for good food. What do we do to persuade you to be open for dinner???

KandN said...

Anonymous, I have a hunch this was a difficult decision for the two of them. Reminds me of a Billy Joel lyric, "...do what's good for you, or you're not good for anybody..."
They're still here (seven days a week!) and they're still eager to satisfy their customers. N's tickled pink he'll still be able to eat that amazing chowder with a glass of cider. :>)

Salem Man said...

That clam chowder is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I was going to take a spicy babe there tomorrow night for a first date. :(

jeff said...

Anonymous - Try Andaluz instead - it's fun and picking out what to order together is good for getting the conversation going.

Chuck Bradley said...


A review on another foodie site (dated 6/12) says Andaluz is only open Friday and Saturday nights. Don't know if this is correct, but better to check it out than have your first date start with a blemish!


KandN said...

Chuck, Andaluz is now open Tuesday through Saturday at 4:30. :>)

'laina said...

I hope they consider staying open a little later than 2PM- say, even until 4PM. We often eat a late lunch around 3, 2 is too early!

Chuck Bradley said...

Chalk it up to my naturally captious nature if you like, but I must cast a dissenting vote for the Word of Mouth. The food is very good. The service is first rate. However..........I refuse to wait 30 minutes to an hour to be seated no matter how good a place is! They accept no reservations. This, to me, reflects a lack of respect for the value of their patron's time. It’s hard to fault their business plan as, right now, they have more than they can handle which, I suspect, they reason, affords them the luxury of this arrogance. I am not alone in this thinking. (There are other eateries in Salem which apparently share this philosophy. Two which spring to mind are the Original Pancake House on S. Commercial and the Olive Garden.) As long as these policies exist they will (and I’m sure, can afford to) do without my business.