Trader Joe's in Keizer, Oregon?

Update: Salem (sorry, Keizer) Oregon Trader Joe's will be opening mid-June 2011
. . . and now the VERY latest--
KeizerTimes confirms: "Just got off the phone with the sign company. They confirmed the mistake."
What was that phrase Roseanne Rosanna Danna on Saturday Night Live used to say?  Oh yeah--"Nevermind"

And now another update ... this is from an article in the KeizerTimes:
"Trader Joe’s sign was a mistake?
Written by Jason CoxGeneral, News, Top StoriesJun 15, 2010

A new sign for Keizer Station features Trader Joe's, Marshalls and Old Navy - tenants which have yet to build there.
UPDATED: City officials say a sign posted at Keizer Station – with a Trader Joe’s logo – was a mistake.
“The sign is all a mistake,” said Community Development Director Nate Brown. “There is no deal done for any of Trader Joe’s, Old Navy or Marshalls.”
Brown said the information came from a Keizer Station official. We’ll have more as soon as we find out.
Here is the original story:
Keizer Station has a new sign – and it looks like a new tenant.
Upscale grocer Trader Joe’s sign was spotted on the development’s new sign today.
A Keizer Station official declined to comment and referred reporters to their outside public relations agency.
More details as they become available."

This just in--
Witnessed by K Williams Brown of the SJ and @joderss on Twitter-
A sign with the Trader Joe's logo has just been lifted into place at Keizer Station.


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Wow, what a cruel joke!!

Anonymous said...

that is so NOT funny. for a moment I thought all my emails had finally paid off. sigh...BUT does that mean that TJ is in talks with keizer station?

Bryan said...

Don't listen to the bs excuses. They are coming this was no mistake.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this is for real and someone just jumped the gun by putting up the sign before they were supposed to! If there's any doubt that a TJ would be successful in the Salem/Keizer area, all they have to do is look at what an uproar this has caused within the community all over the local papers and social networking sites. COME ON TJ... SALEM/KEIZER NEEDS YOU!

Anonymous said...

While TJ and Life Source are not the same, I'm pleased to know that TJ's will be on the north side of Salem (in Keizer actually).

If this doesn't happen, so be it. However, Salem did go nuts with the appearance of the sign. I'd like for it to happen. It would do well.

LittleBird said...

Would be great to have Trader Joes in our neck of the woods!