This Week at Prudence Uncorked

Prudence Uncorked is now closed.

Criminals we know and love
June 24th
Revelers, if some of your friends will be doing jail time this June 24th, we must applaud your taste in companions! Because no doubt, they’ll be here at Ms. Prudie’s, trying to raise their “bail” to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Executive Lock-up Benefit! We’re feeding them the best bread and water prisoners ever shook a fork at all day, but they have to be sprung by 5:00pm, so don’t forget to post your pledge!

June 26th
 Then deep into the woods went our intrepid Ms. Prudie….
…to join 15 wineries and 7 fellow restaurateurs for the 4th Annual Deepwood Wine and Jazz Festival! 4:00 to 9:00pm on June 26: tickets are only $10.00 and proceeds benefit the Friends of Deepwood non-profit organization. Call Historic Deepwood Estate at 503-363-1825 for more information…and we’ll all live a little happier ever after.


Chuck Bradley said...

Prudence Uncorked just could be one of Salem's best! Although one visit is hardly basis for a more emphatic statement, I sure think the potential is here. The mercury today is hovering somewhere above the 90 degree mark, so I was woefully underdressed for a white tablecloth eatery, but was graciously welcomed all the same. My top-notch server was a young fellow recently transplanted here from Fork Collins Colorado and did a wonderful job making a cargo-short clad Gomer feel at home. I had "Rockfish Rhapsody - Parmesan crusted rockfish filet with herbed risotto, steamed broccoli and rouille" Unbelievable! The presentation was so artful; I took a minute or two to admire it before destroying it with my fork! My bread basket and water glass were perpetually replenished. My window table overlooked the picturesque Mission Mill-race complete with Mallard ducks. On a cooler day I will enjoy alfresco dining at their charming Parisian sidewalk café style tables. On a final pleasant note, one of the proprietors acknowledged me as I left and thanked me for coming. An unusual and nice touch. (By the way, their menu is on their website http://www.jjamesresta.../ )

Rebekah said...

Hmmm. I had a very opposite experience at Prudence recently as far as service goes. I really, really want to like this place so I'll probably go back and try again, but they are going to have to make sure service is reliably good if this is going to stay alive. All in all, we ended up only ordering appetizers and drinks because even getting those took so dang long.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the service has been good, but the food could best be described as erratic. We had dinner there a couple of weeks ago---the amuse bouche and clam chowder were both excellent.

We ordered two fish dishes which were OK, but the Caesar salad and accompanying starch and vegetables were among the most tasteless creations we have ever had the misfortune to sample. None of them seemed to have been seasoned at all (including with salt).

I love celeriac and was pleased that my fish came with a celeriac/walnut salad---it was like bedstraw with no hint of celery root flavor. It was so bad that I suggested to the server that the chef should taste it before next sending it out.

Even the holdover Costa Rican snowball from j.james' days was at the soft-almost-melted stage.

I always want to support local restaurateurs, but these folks have a steep leaning curve to even out the ups and downs of their components.

I would not feel comfortable taking guests there, which says a lot in my book.