Salvador's Bakery, The Addiction

Salvador's Bakery is always mentioned in our home when the question arises about where to eat. I can't decide what my favorite thing on the menu is but one of the best is the tacos. They are served plain and can be dressed up after a trip to the salsa bar. The burritos and platos combinado's are also worth ordering.
My family will endure just about anything to eat there. Last night, we ignored my own advice to seek out outdoor dining and went to the NE Salem Mexican bakery. Without an AC and with the sun blasting in through the west facing windows, it was rather warm inside the dining room. To cool down I ordered a cup of horchata. I've learned from the past that the drink setup at Salvador's discourages the customer from ordering water. Drinks are reasonably priced and they offer most sodas in a bottle or can version. If you order a water, it's kind of weird. The server goes into the kitchen and comes back with a tiny cup, not nearly enough to extinguish the spiciness of their food. The horchata which is a cinnamon flavored rice drink, that has a milk like quality, is a much better anecdote to the burning flavors from the salsa bar. When I ordered it last night, the gal behind the counter offered to put ice into my drink. I handed her my cup, she opened a cooler behind her and scooped in some frozen cubes from a bag of ice. Maybe with the heat, the ice machine was on the fritz.
None of this could spoil our dinner in the festive atmosphere of the small clean dining room, decorated with dozens of pinatas hanging from the ceiling. While we ate, we watched as customers streamed into the restaurant to pick out baked goods from the display cases in the back. When we finished our meals, we did the same but had to get it to go before we melted. There were so many interesting choices we picked a handful and decided to share. Going clockwise in the box pictured here, here's what we got. The one on top, I think, was a regular cinnamon roll, next is a fino cuerno, a bolillo, a chocolate chip galleta, and an empenada. To have a little fun, we did secret ballots to see which one we liked best. It was a two/two split between the fino cuerno and the bolillo for a choice of favorite dessert. There are many more to chose from at Salvador's, giving us a good reason, besides the food, to go back. Salvador's is located on Silverton Rd. just east of I5.

3790 Silverton Rd. NE


KandN said...

That picture is making me crave their tacos. Not just any tacos!

Sarah said...

Salvador's is awesome. We went for lunch last week and enjoyed watching a World Cup game in a very festive atmosphere (with others who appreciate futbol).