Morrow & Sons Produce

I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet lately and trying to stay with local produce as much as possible. Of course I try to get much of my produce at the Saturday and Wednesday Markets downtown, but sometimes I need fruits and veggies on other days of the week. So, I've spent a little time at Morrow and Sons Produce out on Silverton Road lately.

 Morrow and Sons is an unpretentious fruit market, surrounded by chain link fence, that sells fruit, vegetables, spices, tortillas and a random assortment of other things including local Hanna's Honey. They seem to have local produce quite often and have "local" written on the tags of the local produce. There are usually local apples all year round, and other products as they come into season.

In addition to the local honey, they have a line of spices that are packaged locally. I did notice that you have to be careful with some of their spice blends though, because they often contain MSG.

Last time I was there, I bought local Fuji and Cameo apples (quite good), oranges (delicious and juicy!), red and orange bell peppers from Mexico (the orange ones were so sweet they tasted like fruit), tomatoes, strawberries from California (so-so), cinnamon, and three large impatiens plants for my garden. My total came up to somewhere around $23 and I think most of that was from the plants, which were 4.99 each.

I really enjoy shopping shopping at Morrow and Sons. They always have great prices on apples, they usually have some other exotic fruits to try, and they are just nice, friendly people. It isn't exactly an upscale shopping experience, but you can't beat the prices and variety for apples, and the other things are just bonuses, in my book.

(Located between Lancaster and Cordon Roads at the end of Brown Rd.)

4601 Silverton Rd NE
Salem, OR 97305

(503) 371-5991

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