French Press 2010

Why in the heck did I wait so long to eat here. Really, after being in business for more then a year, my mouth finally met one of Salem's best bites. My order of a breakfast crepe filled with egg, bacon mushroom and cheddar cheese was matched with a medium Americano. All of this for about $7. There was a little wait to be served but it was well worth it. The plate was filled with a beautiful portion of food prepared carefully and fresh. When exposed to the outside world, the food inside the crepe steamed, emitting flavors which forced my fork to cut quickly through and extricate portions of the concoction.(thank you The conversation at the table went silent as the focus turned to this heaping plate of plenty.

French Press is a busy morning place in South Salem. It's often discussed in conversations around town as "the" meeting place or business breakfast. That makes sense because this place has an upscale atmosphere unmatched by any other coffee house in town.

The menu also includes sweet crepes filled with fresh fruit, chocolate, peanut butter, honey, etc. There's also plenty of options beyond french roasted coffee to fill your cup. How about hot cocoa, hot chocolate(there must be a difference), herbemate lattes, smoothies and French fruit shakes.

This is a very busy and well run restaurant. If it takes a bit longer then expected it's because they are making it carefully and fresh. If you've waited as I have to try it, don't wait any longer. Get in there and get one of these magnificent creations. I'm sure this place will soon be on your short list for breakfast choices in town.
(503) 581-1716
2725 Commercial St SE, Salem


jeff said...

What are their hours? They don't appear to be anywhere on their website.

KandN said...

Hi Jeff, Their first menu stated 6AM - 8PM as their hours. I'll update if I find out there's been a change.

LittleBird said...

I absolutely love this place!!!

Anonymous said...

What's up with the coffee these days? It seems really different. And where are the little cheesecakes and scones? What happened to the goodies?

Anonymous said...

Have you asked the employees or management there?

Chuck Bradley said...

I tried this place again for lunch today. Although I admit their California Special Crepe was pretty good, 25 minutes from the order line to the table is just too long. I thought the place and its patrons were pretentious and disingenuous when they first opened. I saw nothing today to modify that opinion. I think I'll leave it to the Barbies and Kens of the world.