Father's Day

Flight Deck - The Crew at FLIGHT DECK would like to wish Happy Father's Day to all our dads. We will be open our regular hours (8am to 9pm) that day. We will serve our regular menu plus the specials below.

Orupa - Bring your fathers in tomorrow for Father's Day Brunch! 503-588-3639

Word of Mouth - Father's Day: Blackened Pork Chops with Prawns, Andouille & Hollandaise-
Two quarter-pound pork chops blackened with Cajun spice and topped with Cajun Black Tiger prawns, sliced Andouille sausage and Hollandaise. Served with smashed Baby Yukon Gold potatoes, two eggs
cooked your way and fresh baked bread. Don't forget Mother Teresa's Strawberry Freezer Jam! $12.95 We are open at 7am-2pm

Seven Brides Taproom- Join us in The Tap Room for a Father's Day BBQ.  And as a special Cheers from the Brides' Fathers, the first 12oz beer will be on the house for all the Dads.

Straight from New York Pizza - Open

Sassy Onion - Open for breakfast and lunch

Busick Court - Open for brunch and lunch

Venti's - Venti's is open all weekend! Bring Dad in for Father's Day! Open Saturday 11am-1am and Sunday 2-10pm!

Eola Hills Wine Cellars - Father's Brunch -Reservations are highly recommended by calling 1-800-291-6730 (503-623-2405)

Ram - We're Dads favorite place! 15 12th St. Salem, OR 503-363-1905

Red Ginger - Open

La Margarita Restaurant Co - Open

Gamberetti's - Open

Marco Polo - Open

Old Spaghetti Warehouse - Open

Gerry Frank's Konditorei - Open

Best Little Roadhouse - Open

McNary Restaurant & Lounge - Open

McMenamin's: Boon's Treasury & Thompson's Brew Pub - Open


Chuck Bradley said...

Went to Red Ginger at 2:30 today and the door was locked and the lights were off. The sign said open Sundays from 2-7PM. Wonder what's up?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience at Red Ginger once.

Anonymous said...

same thng about red ginger-went on a sunday at 5:30pm and they were closed - maybe they are closed on Sundays and just haven't updated their signage.

Chuck Bradley said...

My wife and I walked by Red Ginger yesterday. There was a note in their window, which I had not noticed on Sunday, announcing being closed on Father's day. When we came back by, they had opened at their usual hour. Their posted hours indicate they are normally open on Sundays.

KandN said...

Hmm, I was sure I interpreted their Facebook status correctly. Maybe things didn't work out like they had hoped.