Creekside Lakeview Restaurant

{Is now Creekside Pub}

You may not need to be a member to eat at Creekside, but if you've never been there you might have trouble finding exactly where the restaurant is. We drove around the parking lot looking for a clue. Then spotted our dentist and his wife coming out of the door with a leftover container in hand. Aha! "Hi! Dr. Morgan!"
Once inside there was a counter where I thought we were supposed to stop and wait, but N had noticed a second waiting area around the corner. A young trainee named Julie met us there after taking care of a sippy cup for one of the diners.
She invited us to choose from any of the open tables in the dining area. I picked one beside the wall of windows. Hate to waste any of that Spring sunshine. After bringing menus and filling our water glasses, Julie warned us this was the first night on her own. Her sweet smile and good attitude will come in handy. Besides, I counted a total of 5 wait staff helping out with the 4 tables. Should be plenty of help!

Nothing on the menu jumped out at us, until we spotted the Painted Hills Beef. A quality Oregon steak? I'm in! N ordered corn chowder and I picked a salad to start with. Both of us ordered a Top Sirloin, medium rare and garlic mashers.

There was a large group of 10-12 diners celebrating a family birthday. The club house atmosphere they created overshadowed the formal, country club decor. The handful of youngsters darting around, socializing, and sharing their favorite hand held games definitely livened up the place--good or bad, depending on your point of view. As long as we can talk to each other and no food flies over our head, N and I are fine.

N couldn't decide if the corn in his chowder had been pan roasted or if it was from the bottom of the kettle. Either way, the thick soup wasn't the best he's ever had. I was happy to see some nice greens in my salad and the dressing served on the side. A few more vegetables would've been even better.

When our entrees arrived we had to remind Julie that we had ordered 2 glasses of Mirror Pond Ale. She apologized and went to check on whether she was able to deliver alcohol to the dining room. N and I enjoyed our cooked and seasoned just right broccoli and then cut into our steaks. Both of them were cooked closer to medium well instead of medium rare. I looked up, hoping to catch the eye of one of the wait staff, but not a single one was in the dining room. The mashed potatoes were beaten more than I like and had little garlic flavor. When Julie returned to ask about our dinners, I told her about the steaks. We ended up getting a discount off our final bill.
Overall, the experience was okay, but I was expecting more. If you've dined at Creekside, I'd like to hear about your experience.

Restaurant Hours
Tuesday-Friday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday-Sunday 7:00am - 9:00pm
(503) 363-4653
6250 Clubhouse Drive
Salem, OR 97306
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DeeDeeDiner said...

I’m not sure if Bill Ballard is still the executive chef at Lakeview/Creekside or not. He had been at Illahe Hills Country Club for a number of years before moving briefly (to Florida I think); he then returned to Salem and accepted the position at Lakeview. He had a definite creative side and had won numerous awards. However the quality of cooking at Lakeview fluctuated dramatically between the nights he was there and the nights he was not. Sauces always seemed a weak point but meat and fish were typically good. (Of course if he is no longer there, this whole comment is moot :-)

KandN said...

DDD, It looks like Chef Ballard is at Crosswater at Sunriver Resort now. Must be quite a blow to lose an award winning chef.