Venti's now open on Sundays

Here's a copy and paste from Leslie Venti announcing an expanded and much needed weekend schedule.

Well, it’s taken a while but it is no doubt worth the wait: Beginning June 6, Venti’s will be open on Sundays from 2-10.
The restaurant AND the bar will open at 2pm, so Basement Bar fans, this is your day to visit our cozy cozy lounge before 4pm.
It is long past time to be open on Sundays. We have worked so hard over the years. Historically Sunday has been the only day off for some of us, but Venti’s is bursting at the seams. We are frequently in the cafe on Sundays doing maintenance, taking shopping lists, preparing for the week ahead and customers come by, pull on the door handle only to find it locked, and stand in the doorway cupping their hands around their eyes to peer inside. Then they shrug and walk off. Sigh.
Venti’s wants downtown Salem to thrive. We see people downtown during the day on Sunday and we hope that being open on Sundays will drive more life into our lovely downtown core.
Salem rocks.
Also, have you seen the Salem Bicycle Taxi around? Give them a call 503-569-7223 and cruise around downtown Salem.


KandN said...

Yay! Venti's!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Downtown is a ghost town on Sundays... we always want somewhere to go for cocktails, and end up somewhere uninteresting because nothing's open. This is fantastic! We're so excited, thank you. Here's to a more vibrant downtown weekend scene and to you all not burning yourselves out. You guys are doing such a great job. Thanks for picking up some Quick Wit for us, too :)


Anonymous said...

Sundays are changing downtown. Maybe we just need to keep talking about it.