Five Guys Burger and Fries

Just a friendly (and slightly greasy) reminder that south Salem's Vista Five Guys Burger and Fries opens on 2990 Commercial St. SE, Suite 100, Friday, September 16th. You'll be active enough to work it off this weekend, right?
I've included the eatsalem post from their Lancaster opening to remind you of the great nutrition controversy that followed:

My small town didn't offer much, but it did have a walk-up burger joint. It was aptly named, The Burger Bar. Don, the owner and cook, kept it simple. He was rewarded with loyal local customers and steady traffic from I-5. Today, when I took my first bite of cheese burger at Five Guys, I felt transported back in time; Burger Bar taste recreated.
The atmosphere reminded both N and I of In-N-Out, with the vibe of a youthful/modern Rockin Rogers type of place. One nice touch was the large box of complimentary unshelled peanuts you could help yourself to--scoops and paper boats provided for your convenience.
We put our wait in line to good use by studying the menu.  All toppings are free and are chosen when you order.  N and I took the easy way out and ordered our burgers, "All the Way".  This includes every topping listed in black on the menu.  About 8 minutes after we ordered and found a freshly bussed table, our number was called out.  N retrieved and delivered the grease stained, brown paper bags.   "All the Way", made for a messy, but delicious classic burger.  Our two regular sized fries (I ordered cajun and N ordered regular style) were tasty, fresh and generous.  Next time we'll share one of the ample orders.  Our ticket added up to a little over $19.  It included 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks.  Yup, it's more than the arches or the king, BUT it's also much better fast food than either of those two choices.
We enjoyed the music and the bustle of the numerous, red-shirted employees working hard taking orders, cooking, assembling, packing, stocking and cleaning.  We rarely venture out to Lancaster, unless we're on a specific errand, but it's good to know there's another option for grabbing a quick bite when we're out that way.  Yes, it is a chain, but then again--it IS Lancaster.

Hours: 11AM-10PM 7 days a wk
2323 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, OR 97305
Tel: 503-990-8828
Fax: 503-339-7259
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Lise Anne said...

Did you see piles and piles of Idaho potatoes? The one I used to go to in Virginia had their entrance covered in bags of potatoes. and I think they use higher grade beef (than Mickey D's). Regardless, their fries and burgers taste pretty fresh. Cant wait to try it here too!

Anonymous said...

I went to Five Guys the other night, and it wasn't all everyone has made it out to be. The burgers are pretty good,but they are very very greasy. The fries are good if you like the home made type. And they are much more expensive then any other fast food place around. Not to mention the outrageous calorie count of the food. The regular cheese burger had 840 calories and the regular fry has 620 calories that is 1460 calories without a drink. They serving sizes are generous though. The large fries have 1462 calories on their own. And the cheese burger calorie count is with no additional toppings.

So if your dieting or looking for cheap eats this probably isn't your place.

KandN said...

You're right, if I was on a low calorie diet, I'd probably steer clear of any burger place. Or limit myself to occasional visits. Or better yet--share a both a burger and a fry.
I noticed on this website they mention that the fast food places with the lowest calorie counts have the smallest portions. Probably why Five Guy's calorie count is so high--their regular burger has 2 patties and their regular fry is equal to 2 servings.
Why hasn't someone come up with a great salad joint?

Avasmommy said...

Jeez. I think we all know that burgers and fries are not even close to health food. As an occasional indulgence, there is nothing wrong with it.

Moving on.

I wasn't aware they were open already. We drove by this afternoon and were surprised to see the "now open" banner.

From the pics, it didn't look as though they were packed. I know the one in Beaverton was always jammed. We never made it in there, even on off hours, they had people lined up out the door. Not good when you have a toddler in tow. :)

KandN said...

I hear when they opened on Thursday it was pretty crowded. When we visited on Saturday around 4PM it was about 50% full.
A giggling toddler at a nearby table kept us entertained during our wait. :>)

Anonymous said...

We went today. I'm not that impressed. Three people in our party and it cost us a whopping $27.72! Three cheese burgers @ $5.19, a regular Cajun fry @ $2.89, a large fry to share @ $3.59 and 3 fountain drinks @ $1.89.

The burger meat is good and it is a double patty. I think I would have been satisfied w/ a "little cheeseburger" @ $4.09 (I'm assuming that is a single patty). My son also would have been better off w/ that choice. He literally felt ill after consuming the belly buster and had to excuse himself to the restroom where he got a little ill.

As for the fries, one order of large fries easily can be shared with 3-4 people. They are limp and very greasy. I like a crispy on the outside, like a mashed potato on the inside type of fry. I wish we had know that one order of fries was so big.

If I had to do it again I would order a cheeseburger for my husband, a little cheeseburger for my son and myself, a large order of fries for the 3 of us to share, 1 regular drink for the hubby and 2 cups of free ice water for me and the kid. I don't care for fountain drinks, I actually prefer ice water but didn't see that they offered a cup for ice water. That would shave $8.97 off the bill bringing it to $18.75.

This place does have greasy burgers and fries, a heart attack on a plate so to speak. What bothered me most about the place was the EXTREMELY loud obnoxious heavy rock music playing. It was obtrusive to say the least. Why do businesses think that louder is better? I felt sorry for the families and elderly people who had to endure the music.

Anonymous said...

Two things that come to mind.

1. No wonder we as a nation are so FAT w/ places like this contributing to our delinquency! :)

2. When we went, there were at least 17 employees working! (I counted). No wonder they cost so much! Granted that number will slim down once they have been open for a while but, so will the service and cleanliness (I'm guessing).

Salem Man said...

Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. No Coke, Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

I love America. We can eat more than a day's worth of calories in one sitting, and make ourselves so ill we have to excuse ourselves to the bathroom. So awesome.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all the complaining? I mean why go to Five Guys if you want something healthy? This is America and people have the freedom to go to whatever restaurant they want. The only problem I have is the insane pricing.

Lise M said...

I think the pricing is right in line with other burger joints I've seen in other cities like In' n Out and Mimi's in Seattle. Keep in mind, this isnt traditional speedy fast food...this is the "original" fast food where the meat is real meat (I hope) and the fries are real fries. Also, someone actually cooks the burgers on a griddle! I'll pay the extra few for a better tasting burger.

KandN said...

You want a cheeseburger? Everybody got a cheeseburger, you want a cheeseburger? Come on - cheeseburger?

Anonymous said...

I understand it's not healthy and I went there knowing that. I really went out of curiosity b/c I've never been. My issue is that it seemed very greasy, more than I anticipated. AND that the portions were huge! I came, I saw, I don't plan on a revisit. Maybe I'll just park out front and watch all the fat behinds come and go. :)

I don't think it was the more than a day's worth of calories in one sitting alone that made my kid so ill he had to excuse himself to the bathroom. Although not knowing in advance that the burger was going to be so large, after consuming it, I think he was very hungry and ate too fast, add to it that the food was too greasy could be a factor.

Bryan said...

No freezer in the place, only coolers. That should tell you something about the burgers right there. Fresh beef never frozen.

Anonymous said...

KandN said...

You want a cheeseburger? Everybody got a cheeseburger, you want a cheeseburger? Come on - cheeseburger?

Looks like the menu is very limited to a plain burger or w/ cheese/bacon unless you want a hot dog, grilled cheese or veggie sandwich. It's a burger place so ordering a "cheeseburger" is not only expected it's a no brainer. Didn't you both have a cheeseburger on your visit?

KandN said...

M2D, Sorry! That was from Olympia Cafe skit

Salem Man said...


Anonymous said...

I simply put the calorie count to help inform people. I knew full well how many calories were in the food I was eating and still choose to eat it. I just figured since it was something I was curious about others would be too.

KandN said...

Salem Man, I don't think I ever watched that one. Hilarious, but I'm starting to feel a little ill ... guts and all???

AMY said...

I have to join the, "Whatever" crowd on this one. TOO GREASY. I know it's a burger and fries joint, but I like fries that are light and crisp. These were soggy with grease, and by the time we took the short drive home, the bag the fries were in were translucent. And the whole gimmick of "we put a container of fries in, then dump ANOTHER container in on them so you think you got a mad-wicked deal!" is not a plus for me.

The place was packed, and for two people it was almost $20. There's no ambiance, so there's no reason to eat in, and for that price... I can get a better burger elsewhere locally that isn't dripping in grease.

The burgers didn't taste that great, either; just medium quality meat fried on a grease grill. Whoop-de-do.

And yes, the Bass-o-matic is guts and all. Awesome television right there. =-)

Chuck Bradley said...

I hung back briefly to observe how the other patrons were behaving and what they were having. I had been previously warned about the portion sizes. The fries looked wonderful but the counter lady said the regular order usually fed about three people. I decided to have a companion with me to try them. I order a small cheese burger with the works. ($4.09) It was fantastic. I arrived about 11:30 AM and the place was jumpin '. They had 14 people working and they were all busy. By the time I left there was a line out the door! The free peanuts are a great idea, but they were about grade 4, very dusty and low quality. Almost culls. I'm anxious to come back with my wife or a friend and attack the fries.

Salem Dinner Table said...

I went the other day for the first time. I have to agree w/ the consensus, the potions are huge, greasy and high priced. I'm not that enthused. I agree w/ Lavachickie get a local burger elsewhere. Besides, my husband makes the best burgers on our BBQ grill right at home. :)

Anonymous said...

KandN someone has come up w/ a great salad joint, Sweet Tomatoes. Wish we had one in Salem. Although salad bars can really be deceiving when it comes to calories and fat. They can really pile on the calories/fat depending on what you put on your salad, add to that the dressing. People have a misconception that salad bars are healthy. Have you ever seen how high people pile the fixings on their plate at one of those bars?

Chuck Bradley said...


Check out:

Fresh Salad Express
1130 Royvonne AVE SE
Salem, OR 97302

(503) 779-2700

KandN said...

Chuck, Have you eaten there? I keep forgetting to go give it a try.

Chuck Bradley said...

KandN, Yes. They have a very good salad bar, soup and some pretty terrific deli sandwiches too. There's also a little bar and grill in the same, well hidden, strip mall called Goodfella's in which I've had one good and one OK experience. While you're there, have a look at the interesting European market next door. (She who must be obeyed bought a can of cod livers there. With memories of the nasty oil my Mother used to dose me with, I was dubious, but they were really very good!)

Anonymous said...

The Veggie Sandwich is not healthy. I ordered one last night at a NJ location, thinking I was eating grilled vegetables, no meat, no fat, no cheese. The sandwich was so good I knew they had to have added something. I asked 5 people behind the counter, one employee had mentioned it might be peanut oil, but she was wrong...I kept asking until I got an answer. Then the cashier called me over and held up what he used on the Veggie sandwich. He held up a heaping spoon equivalent to 3 or 4 tablespoons of their "mayo" which he stated he throws on the grill to "grill" the vegetables. My face dropped to the floor and my stomach was a wreck, seriously that much oil made me physically sick and it ruined my diet for the day. Mayo at 4 tablespoons? I should have just ate the meat and cheese. It really isn't a low cal healthy sandwich, it is only meatless. Just FYI. That's why the burgers are EXTRA greasy. MAYO in the toppings. YUCK!

Anonymous said...

Veggie Sandwich Calories 440 Calories from fat 140 Fat grams 15 Cholesterol 25 MG Sodium 1040 MG Carbs 60 G Sugars 14 G

Anonymous said...

Obesity and diabetes are an American right. Don't eat at fast food joints if you aren't ok with loosing your belt a notch.

I love a good burger. My experience was pretty much what most have said. Gigantic portions, too greasy, and overpriced. I made the mistake of eating the entire meal and was on the couch the rest of the day which is a bummer way to spend a saturday.

The best burger in town is burger basket though their fries are average.

Anonymous said...

I think its cool that there are warnings for the veggie burgers and the fries are wayyyy bigger than anyone can eat ( I don't mind doing challenge meals on the fly of showing up to places) but there is really no need for sarcasm on either side... Hopefully everyone knows this is a delicious treat to go to, but certainly not a place to go if you even consider the word 'diet' in your vocab. I love how they overdo everything, including having a staff that seems to be overdone by 5 times.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm they saute their veggies in mayo? My arteries shutter at the thought. Reminds me of the deep fried twinkies at the state fair. Sometimes you just have to toss caution to the wind and indulge. I bet it is really good.

I used to love this kind of food and it still makes me hungry reading this. I wish I were still young and indestructible.

EvaDiva said...

We are huge 'In & Out' fans, so we were thrilled to find something comparable!! Luuuv Five Guys!! Sonic is our 2nd choice here in Salem!!

Anonymous said...

I went along to Five guys on Lancaster and just observed two friends have lunch. The burgers were huge and the portion of fries was impressive. All feedback was positive on how it tasted. What surprised me was how greasy it was. This can't be good for your body. This is the kind of food I grew up eating once or twice a week and I used to love it. My wife changed my habits and now i don't eat fast food, buffets or fatty meats any more and have lost 30 lbs. It's amazing how good food like this makes you feel for 20 mins, but you feel great for days if you don't.

No wonder our country is so pudgy and unhealthy. People drive everywhere and eat large high fat, sugar and salt meals.

Just my opinion. Please don't take offense if you like this place.

Anonymous said...

Anon...I agree! Don't forget those HUGE portions we're served at other places like steakhouses and Chinese restaurants. I get so turned off by gigantic baked potato...or a gigantic anything on my plate.

Chuck Bradley said...

A friend (and chef in Sacramento) pointed out that I have been miscategorizing Five Guys with the fast food Burger places and that it really isn't among their numbers. He's right! It's kind of a hybrid somewhere between them and the Willamette Burger Co. type places of the world.

I've now been to both Salem locations and I think they're on to something with their fresh-never-frozen ingredient concept. I like the free Peanut idea, but deplore the grade D Planter's reject type quality. They really are pretty bad Peanuts. Both Burgers I had were fresh, juicy and good. I’ve not yet sampled their Fries. Their food is not something a person should eat every day. But for an occasional caloric spurge, I’m up for them.

I think the new Commercial 5-G location will provide a much needed wake-up call for Rockin’ Roger’s. Maybe they’ll finally get they’re customer service act together. That would be a nice collateral benefit for the denizens of south Salem!

While I’m rambling, I must ask folks who complain about the unhealthiness of the food here, the same questions I ask vegans who carp about their lack of options in a steak house: “Didn’t you know what kind of place you were walking into? And if you did, what were you doing there?” I’ll carry this thought sequence no further, to spare offense. ;~D

Anonymous said...

Finally tried Five Guys this weekend. It was quite an experience.

I had a cheeseburger with the works and fries with a cup of water.

They serve your food in a brown paper bag even if you are eating in. The bag is stained from the inside out with grease.

The burger tasted great. Greasy but very tasty. Lots of melted american cheese.

The fries were just right. Well cooked. Salty. Crisp but soft in the very center. I went the counter to get a cup for water and saw the giant bubbling hot tub of hot grease they cook the fries in. Totally ruined the fry experience for me.

I think the total was about $9. High side, but I don't mind spending a bit more for quality.

Portions were big. Too big. I kept picking at the fries long after I was full.

In the end I sat there and looked at the stained brown paper bag and tried to get the grease off my fingers. The food is really good, but I can't imagine you should eat this way frequently. Side observation: I noticed that there were a good number of very overweight folks eating here (near Tigard).

It did taste really good.

Anonymous said...

Have been to both of the "Five Guys" now. Can I just say...I hate a cold bun? That's what they have you know, a cold bun.

I also do not like the loud music in a place with bad acoustics, and being charged to drink water.

I am an In and Out person...this does not compare. At In and Out, the buns are toasted, there's no loud music, and the prices are fair.

I have to admit, I liked the fries at Five Guys, but they ain't worth the price. Plus I love the fries at old In and Out too! And why didn't they put some booths near the windows in these places? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO STAY...don't worry, I won't even be back!

Anonymous said...

I went to Five Guys for the first time today just a bit after 11 AM. Already the place was busy. The counter person asked if I'd been there before, and helpfully explained the drill. My order was taken, and filled fairly promptly. For a single patty cheeseburger, "regular" fries (read huge, unless you're a teenage boy--plan to share with at least two other people), and the smallest soda, it was just over $9.00. I don't think it is a particularly good value.
The burger was pleasant enough, but the cheese was reminiscent of that stuff that comes in clear plastic sleeves in the grocery--"pasteurized processed cheese food." Thus, the cheese isn't worth the extra cost. The fries are wonderfully crispy. Ketchup available on the counter.
However...their idea of "ambiance" is head-banger rock music. I had a headache when I left. The swarms of students obviously on lunch break from the local high school were enjoying themselves, and are happily quite pleasant and well-behaved. I trust the music was for them. I'll leave them to it.

Anonymous said...

We ate at Five Guys Burger and Fries on Lancaster this afternoon. It was by far the best burger I've had while dining out in many months. We'll be going back again.