Congrats to the SJ "Best Of" Winners

Whether you like the contest or not, you gotta hand it to the winners of the Statesman Journal "Best Of Salem" winners. In the restaurant category, here are the main catergories;
Best Restaurant- Caruso's
Best Breakfast- Word of Mouth
Best BBQ- Adam's
Best Pizza- Padington's
Best Chinese- Kwan's
Best Dessert- Konditorei

Best Italian- Caruso's
Best Japanese- Fuji Rice Time
Best Mexican- La Hacienda
Best New Restaurant- Willamette Burger Co.
Best Seafood- McGrath's
Best Steakhouse- Best Little Roadhouse
Best Thai- Thai Beer
Best Undiscovered- Word of Mouth
Best Vegetarian- Marco Polo
Best Vietnamese- Kim Huong

To see all the winners click here.

We went to Word of Mouth for breakfast this morning after receiving the daily special email. Here's a copy and paste;
Smoked Salmon Hash
The Heathman's recipe. You can have it here and you don't have to stay all night, pay $20 for parking or tip the doorman. Smoked salmon and baby red potatoes chopped with capers, red onion, a bit of horseradish and stone-ground mustard, topped with chives and sour cream. Served with two eggs cooked your way, fresh fruit and fresh-baked toasted breakfast bread. $11.95
No way was I going to pass that up. Here's what it looked like.

Outstanding! There's absolutely no doubt, this place is the best breakfast in town.


Anonymous said...

Some of the winners are justified, but this Best of is hardly a best of. You can vote repeatedly, over and over, with a few clicks of a mouse. Last year the Red Lion restaurant was named best of every thing because they gave out bonuses for employees to vote repeatedly.

So the winners are really just who wanted to win the most, not the best of.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect, looking at the list above, those really are good spots. Just please don't tell me that the Red Lion hotel restaurant is the best of anything.

Anonymous said...

I hate this stupid rigged contest, it's a joke. I vote with my money, and spend it patronizing establishments I believe in.

Bryan said...

The wife and I saw this last night and thought we would give Kwans a try, since we had never been there. Very disappointing, how they got best Chinese is a mystery to me. The egg flour soup was thick as chowder. The portions were small and over priced. The pot stickers were OK but the ginger/vinegar sauce was not so great. All in all, I would of rather spent my money at Lum Yuens. They have fallen of lately but I think Lums is still better. We stopped by Konditoreis after dinner and they hit it out of the park. Our first time there and we will be back.

Anonymous said...

This is a parody of Best of's.

You can vote over and over if you want.

Statesman Journal - why not have something that really does judge what folks like.

Anonymous said...

It's many votes in so many categories for the winery?

Come on.

Chuck Bradley said...


I heartily concur! Kwans is way down on my list. Lum Yuen's is good Chinese. My new favorite Chi place is John’s on N River RD in Keizer. Check ‘em out.