Amadeus Cafe

Amadeus has moved:
135 Liberty St
Salem , OR 97301
Tues - Thurs 11AM - 9PM
Fri - Sat 11AM - 11PM
Closed Sunday & Monday

Does that building house a medical clinic or a restaurant?

Both! But most importantly to eatsalem fans, Amadeus Cafe is an unexpected dining gem hidden away in South Salem just off of Skyline.  Everytime I walk in I feel like they've done something else to make the interior more inviting for their diners.  The chairs, the art, the lighting, the overall decor, is beautifully put together.

Amadeus is probably best known for their delicious lunches, served Tuesday through Friday.  That's how I first learned of their existence.  Several years ago they expanded their hours and began serving dinner from Wednesday through Saturday, 5 PM- 9 PM.  Don't go here if your goal is fast food.  I would characterize the majority of their dinner menu as Mediterranean comfort food, with enough options to suit everyone.  Amadeus is all about a relaxing dining experience, leaving the rush of the world outside the door.
N and I were led to a small table in a corner.  I appreciated how the waitress spaced out the diners, creating more privacy for each group.  She told about the specials before giving us time to go over the menu.  I ordered the Painted Hills Brisket and N picked the Napoleon--alternating layers of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

After deciding we wanted a bottle of wine with our dinner, we walked over to their wine display near the entrance.  We were musing over our choices, when Alena came over to lend a hand.  She asked what our preferences were and made several suggestions.  We chose El Burro's, Kick Ass Garnacha.
Our waitress had brought our wine glasses while we made our choice and then came over with our bottle to open, offer a taste and pour.  A short while later, she brought out our hummus and chips.  (We both LOVE their hummus and were so happy to know we can now purchase it at Roth's Market.)  We sipped our wine, enjoyed both silence and conversation while we nibbled away.  Instead of soup or Caesar Salad, we both picked their tender spring greens with house dressing.

Our beautiful entrees arrived and out came my camera to record the tempting display before us.  Such tender brisket in a delicious sauce!  The polenta was the perfect compliment!  I took my time to savor each bite.  N took care to put equal portions of meatloaf and mashed potatoes onto each forkful.  Although the only phrase he uttered was "very good", I could tell by his face and attentiveness to what was before him that he had no complaints--only praise for each bite.

It was difficult to admit we had no room for dessert, especially with the mouth watering choices displayed in their case.  Maybe next time.  Even though Amadeus is open for dinner just four evenings a week, we're happy one of those evenings is date night Wednesday.

Lunch Tues.-Fri. 11 AM - 3 PM
Dinner Wed.-Sat. 5 PM - 9 PM
5121 Skyline Village Loop South
Salem, OR 97306-9489
(503) 362-8830


Anonymous said...

While I haven't eaten at Amadeus yet, I did seek out their hummus at Roth's. It was an interesting hummus - vinegary and sweet. I've never tasted a hummus quite like this one. It was garlicy as well which is not unusual.

It was good. However, while I can forgive them for using cannola instead of olive oil, I can't believe they went ahead and used high fructose corn syrup. Come on. Locally made food products should not have that ingredient. (It also contains brown sugar.)

KandN said...

We were surprised to see HFCS listed in the ingredients, too. I'm curious why they made that decision. Alena?

Anonymous said...

Try the Greek hummus to go at the new Downtown Deli....delicious and creamy.

Janet said...

That brisket and polenta is my fave dish there. No thanks - don't want anything else, I will just sit here and salivate while I wait. We love to go here for dinner when we are dining with another couple. Great ambiance, relaxed and unhurried dining (a luxury for us!). Amadeus does a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

My sister asked the owner and she was told that the hummus has rice wine vinegar in it. I love the hummus. I'm curious about the post mentioning buying the hummus at Roths. I didn't realize they sold food outside the restaurant.

My favorite meal for lunch is the "la tomato" sandwich which comes with the hummus on the side. Of course I slather the sandwich with hummus and am in heaven!

Also love their maple frosted cookies.

Alena Stewart said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know, we fixed the problem of high fructose corn syrup a while ago! Check out the original hummus at both Roths and lifescource. We also introduced a really wonderful black bean hummus.

KandN said...

Alena, Thanks for the update! Good move on the HGC. Can't wait to try your new black bean addition! Is it available at Amadeus, too?

Anonymous said...

Just ate there again-love,love,love the food but service is still an issue. As I watched table after table receive the same appetizer as we ordered and after 25 minutes waiting for ours, I almost left. Both tables that had gotten there after us and ordered same appetizers received their entrees before we got our appetizers. Then our entrees came on top of our salads. While the food is outstanding and a marvel of flavors, expediting in the kitchen continues to be the one thing that sends me elsewhere rather than braving my nerves to go to Amadeus. (expediting is the fine art of timing food prep and delivery to the table to ensure fair and timely service). And the sight of one of the waitresses talking for over 15 minutes to some customers while we sat endlessly without food or water refills was off-putting. The prices are commensurate with the food quality but completely out-of-whack for the poor execution.