New Belgium Brewing at Venti's Cafe

Get to know the folks behind the brew. Here's some info sent to me from Venti's about a beer event at their Basement Bar.

Venti's Cafe Basement Bar
Meet The Brewer - New Belgium Brewing
Small Batch Experience
6 - 9p; 29 April 2010

featuring New Belgium Beer Ranger Matt Robertson
merch * beer tasting * info

Venti's Cafe & Basement Bar
325 Court St. NE
Salem OR 97301


Anonymous said...

We stopped in at SFNY pizza and they were selling Fat Tire for $2.50 a pint. Good stuff from New Belgium.

ankara evden eve nakliyat said...

thanks :)

Chuck Bradley said...

I tried Venti’s a couple of weeks ago, upon the advice of a young friend. I had their teriyaki chicken bowl with vegetables and sticky rice. Julienned ginger gave the dish an extra kick. It was very fresh and crisp, however once you've had Love Love's teriyaki, you've pretty much been spoiled for any other. The d├ęcor was trendy with lots of, what passes today for, art on the walls. There was a very attractive young person at the counter. The pleasant effect of this was somewhat tarnished for me by her facial hardware. Understand as you read this that I am several decades beyond hip. If you're 20 or 30 something, you'll probably dig this place.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB! If you ever head back in, be sure and check out some of the other menu items. Two of my favs are the Moroccan Chicken Pita and smoked salmon quesadilla. So, so, so good! Oh and what was hip when you were young??

Chuck Bradley said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous. Sifting through the mists of memory to answer your question ;-D. Coffee houses where beat poetry was read to the accompaniment by bongo drums, Ravi Shankar sitar music was played and Bob Dylan songs were sung.