Happy Hour at Copperjohn's

Copperjohns is now known by Night Deposit Whiskey Library

~by Tracylee

This was my first opportunity to join the Salemites Happy Hour group of ladies, and I'd only met Karla in person, so I got there early. There weren't many people in there and I walked around to see if I was the only one of us there. As I waited, the bartender approached and asked if he could get me anything. I decided to wait a bit and said I was meeting some other women there. While I was waiting, he took the order of a couple of other patrons and I overheard him say that they were out of tomatoes. After a bit, Amber came in and seated herself at a large table in the bar. I heard her say she was waiting for some women also, so I approached her and introduced myself. Karla and Rebekah were soon there and we had our round of drinks quite quickly while we perused the menus. There were 3 to look at: the regular 2-sided dinner menu, the happy hour menu, and a table sign that advertised $1 Happy Hour specials on Monday evenings. The $1 menu consisted of a burger, fries, 2 tacos, a soft taco, cheese fries, and one other item that I can't remember. Both the happy hour menu and the $1 menu indicated that there's a two-drink minimum to order from them.
When the bartender came to take our orders, he reiterated the 2-drink minimum, and assured Amber that non-alcoholic beverages could be substituted. Karla asked about the margherita pizza and lack of tomatoes, and was told she could have olives put on instead. We all opted for the $1 burgers, Rebekah added fries, and Amber got the cheesy fries.

There was a shift change in bartenders before our food came out, but the new bartender knew exactly where things went, and service continued to be quick and smooth. The hamburgers were relatively small, but the perfect size for me. They came with thousand island dressing and ketchup and mustard were on the table. One of our group thought a side of lettuce would have been nice. I found the burger moist and flavorful. Amber and Rebekah appeared content with their fries.
We continued chatting even after getting our bills. Heck $5 even fits my budget! Amber noted that she'd been charged $2 for each soda refill, but I suppose that's how they cover the cost of the $1 menu. I had a great time meeting new friends!
195 Commercial St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-3402
(503) 375-2333

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