Cub Scout Coldstone Fundraiser

The Cub Scouts of Pack 31 in Salem Oregon have teamed up with Coldstone Creamery for a sweet fundraiser. The boys are out in your neighborhoods knocking on doors, selling ice cream pies to raise money to support local Cub Scout events and activities. For $15 you can order one of these delicious pies.
Cookie Dough Pie
Caramel Turtle Treat Pie
There's Chocolate on my Peanut Butter Pie
The Cub Scouts of Pack 31 work hard in the community collecting food for the Marion/Polk Food Share, recycling trees, cleaning litter from schools and parks and learning to be upstanding members of the community. The money raised from this and other fundraisers helps pay for everything that the scouts do, lowering the cost so that this program is accessible to more elementary school age children. If you are interested in buying a pie, send me an email at Let me know which pie you'd like and how many. They are $15 each. Last day to order is Friday. Thank you for supporting the Cub Scouts.


KandN said...

Have you tasted any of these pies? Looking for a recommendation. :>)

Salem Man said...

I have not tried any of the pies but we are ordering the cookie dough pie.

KandN said...

Sadly, Coldstone Creamery of Salem & Albany has had to close the doors of their 3 shops due to rising food & labor costs & declining sales.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that Coldstone closed. If you need their ice cream, per this list many stores are open less than one hour away including Corvallis, Tulatin and Tigard. Salem and Albany are already off the list:

We just purchased a peppermint chocolate cake on Christmas Eve and it was awesome! I hope the owners and employees bounce back.